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Changelog for the new server

Did the long post give it away? lol at least this time it's like half quotes instead of me going on and on and on forever Smile

I gotta go to work now and most of your questions you can figure out for yourself Eighty.
I just wanted to say that I mistyped on something, it's supposed to say
"You can now gate tamed creatures"

Changing that now

You're right Taran, some of them I can, but with something like every single item in my house getting moved to a container to add 1 wall piece, I'd prefer not to go through the hassle of placing it all (again).

Or I can't find out if that NPC I mentioned is SUPPOSED to buy/sell house deeds but is just on strike.

Or I can't find out if chat is SUPPOSED to work when it didn't for me the one time I tried it.

If you or any staff can check these things whenever they get a chance it would be much appreciated.

Architects sell houses, like they always have.

Chat doesnt work and isnt supposed to work

As it says, it's only when you demolish houses and get a refund the change applies.

Basecreatures can still have text displayed over their heads.

.dl was disabled for everyone on the new server

Thanks for answering all the questions Taran. About this one:

Taran Wrote:Architects sell houses, like they always have.

Yes I understand they sell them, but do they also buy back house deeds? That's my question. In other words should an architect fulfill the same roll as a Real Estate Broker (like Celina in the minoc carpentry shop (north of minoc bank, past the eastern bridge to the mine))?

When I walk up to Celina, she says "If you have a deed, I can appraise it or buy it from you... Simply hand me a deed to sell it.". Then if you say appraise Celina says "Which deed would you like appraised?" and you get a target. When you click a deed the NPC then says "I will pay you gold for this deed : XXXXX". Simply hand me the deed if you wish to sell it. (by the way, the part I wrote in bold has weird text, not like all other NPC speech).

Also, understandable you didn't answer this one since some testing might have to be done and you were on the way out, but again if someone can answer this one for me without me having to do it myself and re organize my house again it would be much appreciated.

Eighty Swords Wrote:If I make a house, lock down a ton of items in it, then customize it to later add 1 wall piece do all items in the house get moved to the moving container?

Yes all items get moved to the moving container, search the forums and you will find out why Wink

Search... the forums? If only there was some magical button to press that let you do such a thing. Alas that must not exist since the same statements and questions are constantly repeated.

If it is ever added though I imagine it should have some sort of drop down box for quick searching and an option to switch to a more advanced mode where you can search with more precise detail.

I highly doubt the day that someone can search like that will come anytime soon though. It would be nice if we could search the forums, even better if we could do so by narrowing it down by users, threads, date, number of replies and so on. Seriously though, the technology is just not there for this type of sorcery. This may be something to look forward to in the future but don't hold your breath.

Taran Wrote:Yes all items get moved to the moving container, search the forums and you will find out why Wink

Thank you for the answer Taran! I'll admit I didn't search before asking about it a few days ago because I remember asking about it a while back and was told by the oh so helpful shade... that it's as design. I then asked if it could be changed, got no reply, bumped the thread 2 weeks later, still didn't get a reply.

At your suggestion of searching for it, I did just that now and only came across the thread where I brought this issue up. See here.

So I'm now asking again if this can be changed in such a way that if you make a change to a tile where there's an item (ie add a wall piece there, or delete the floor tile there), then any items on that tile and only the items on that tile get moved to the moving crate. Think about when you paint the bathroom in your house. You don't take everything outta the house and put it in boxes outside. You take the stuff out of the bathroom...

As an added incentive for why you guys should do this, is to make it easier for people to redesign their custom houses. As it is, people don't want to redesign a single floor of their house because they'd have to put everything in place and lock it all down again... Changing it as I suggested would encourage people to make changes and try to make something nicer instead of them thinking 'I don't like how this looks but I'll live with it instead of redecorating all my house.'

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