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The Dark Prince [item and skin]

[COLOR="DimGray"][SIZE="2"] " My love, you must be silent! If they find us I shall lose my crown, and you, you're life." Whispered Erendai. "You must take the child and make haste for the city of Moonglow. There you will meet a Rabbi by the name of Samild, give him the child and hurry back only he can protect him now." At that moment Gumbai grabbed the child and quickly crawled into the underground tunnel, as she ran she could hear the awful screams of the Drow King, pleading for his life. She feared for the worst.


Gumbai, Although terrified, was familiar with danger. To understand her you must first know her history. Gumbai was born in a Goblin camp near the city of Cove . Her father Saragok the leader of the goblin's was at best a mediocre parent, though it was not his fault he knew one thing, and that was war. Her mother Yuraki died during childbirth, Therefore she knew not the way's of a woman. Over year's of battle her father Saragok had become old and weathered and could no longer care for the girl. So in short he had contacted an old friend by the name of Erendai with a proposition. It went as so [ In English Translation] "Erendai my friend, I have grown old and no longer have the strength or patience to raise my daughter Gumbai" Saragok pleaded. " I understand Saragok, but why do you speak of this to me?" Erendai Replied. "I have heard word of your troubles with Ralire and his Dragon People, My proposition is this, you take my daughter, educate her, and teach her the ways of your kin, and in return I shall give you control of my 3rd regiment." Saragok said, as if to be stunned by the bargain Erendai waited before replying. " Old friend there will be no need for me to take your soldier's, I know you would do the same for me, this shall be no problem, have her things gathered and placed in my carriage." Saragok begain to speak but then was interupted by his daughter who stood behind him. "Father do you not love me anymore? Have I betrayed you in some way? Tell me now!?" She shouted " Gumbai you remind me so much of your mother, oh how beautiful she was, I no longer ha............" Saragok then fell to the ground clutching his chest. " FATHER!!!!!" Within moment's his life would be drained.


The trip to the Drow kingdom would seem like the longest of her life. She would catch herself staring at this creature, for whom at the time she thought was hideous to say the least. Upon arrival to the castle Erendai made his way to her side of the carriage placing out his hand. " Here my lady I shall help you down." She stayed still looking at him, the thoughts begain to roll through her mind. Why do I have hate for this man that my father loved, and he who took me when I would have otherwise probably been passed around amongst the other Goblins being raped and beaten. She then realized that it was infact an attraction she had for the drow, she then reaches out and takes his hand. " Erendai you are the king of the drow's?" she muttered "Yes I am as was my father and his father before him" "and who might be your queen" she stated while cutting him off. "Well I do not have a queen" he replied "and why might that be Erendai, you seem to be a handsome, polite , and intelligent man." At that time Erendai knew what she was getting to and somber'ed his tone "My lady I know what you are getting to and although you are a beautiful woman, It is against the Drow covenant to go outside our race." She again became weary, and Erendai could see it in her face. "Listen let's take it slow right now and see what could come of this m'lady" She smiled than rushed with excitement to her new room. [2 years later] "Erendai M'lord you wish to see me?" "Yes Gumbai shut the door please" He then began to kiss her neck softly, she interupted " My love, I believe the townsfolk know of our meeting's, I have been being watched I just know it." she spoke "Gumbai you are paranoid I would have been confronted already if anyone was suspicious." he replied, Gumbai slowly fell to her knee's "My love, I am pregnant." she whispered, Erendai remained speechless he knew what this meant, but would not allow it. He grabbed and whisked her to his private quarter's where he then explained that she was to remain until the birth of the child.


"Hello! Hello! Samild?" a layed out figure than began to move "Ahhhh! who are you!?" he mumbled "My name is Gumbai and I have been sent by the King of the Drow's Erendai." she replied "Ok and wut miiite yur biznes be?" "This child i bare is the child of Erendai, it is in grave danger and he said you are the only one who can protect it." she states although it is hard for her to believe by the looks of him. He then begins to walk up to the child, A look of amazement then passes his face as he begins to tremble "the prophecy was true" he yell's "what do you mean?" she replies " This is the half breed, The spawn of two great families. The Goblin Warrior's and the Drow King's, I must take this child, in order to fulfill the prophecy he must begin training immediately and only I can provide him with that." Gumbai Hesitated but knew her lover had sent her for a reason, and knew somehow that the child would be safe. She then handed the child to the rabbi and headed out, without even a goodbye, in her mind it would only make it easier.


Year's had passed Since the meeting of the Rabbi the Goblin, and the Child. In that time the Child had become a Man, and learned the skill's of a Warrior. At this point the Rabbi knew he was ready to fulfill his prophecy. "Pratori come to me I must speak with you." The warrior ran to the Rabbi's side "What is it Samild" "Pratori you must now go it is time to regain your families throne" TO BE CONTINUED

I am asking for blackrock skin and a goblin mask. Thank you

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