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Wanted: Young Adventurers!

[SIZE="4"]A town has been destroyed by a militant group who seems to be able to control beastmen! [/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Many mercenaries have been called in to help drive the beastmen back so that the town can be reclaimed, but reinforcements are needed. A camp has been established at the entrance to the town and our walls have managed to keep the beastmen from advancing, but the time has come to fight back!

Portals have been set up on the Britain bank and in the duel pits to aid in the recruitment process, and the experienced mercenaries at the camp are eager to help train young recruits.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Note: This area is meant to help new players train after leaving the newbie dungeon. The old newbie dungeon is still accessible from a tunnel in the mercenary camp.

There are lots of quests that trigger at low skill levels that will let you get a boost to your skills, as well as a few other quests available to the more skilled players.

WARNING: The mercenary camp is ACTIVELY GUARDED, so murderers and criminals should stay away from the recruitment portals.

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