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I fear that my once noble ideals have been faltered.

I fear that my path of honor is slowly coming to an end.

I fear...

As I walk among the commoners of these land I start to see them at their true core. They are useless, worthless in every aspect. They perform there apparent predetermined tasks without question, never once asking why it is so they lead lives of no honor. I am puzzled at the level of discourteous attitude that fills the poeple of these lands. If it wasn't for the few within my ranks I would assume all was lost in this land for hope of Order.

I have begun to ask myself what this land truly needs... At first I thought it was a great Order, a man, no an idea. An idea that if rallied together, an allegiance of the greatest proportion could be forged allowing the lands to prosper indefinately. But as the weeks have passed since my encounter with the beast from the clan of Myst, I have begun to ask myself what truly aspired from that event. I noticed that until that event there had been no definitive unity of any kind from the people of IN. With that one event sparked so much bustle within the ranks of my guild alot of activity has transpired from it. And thus the evil seed was planted...

Am I to believe that the idea of Order comes to their minds when their comfortable existence of their meager lives is slightly threatened?

And if I was to quell this so called Myst? What then? Will everything go back to it's mundane routine? Will Order be cast aside like a rain coat, to only be used when needed?

Is it plausible to concieve that if a treachorous chaos was formed within these lands... That maybe Order would be forced to dig in and stay. Is it possible... to concieve that maybe in the idea of me wanting to bring Honor and Valour to these lands that I must first create a situation in which they might be born? Have I been approaching this all wrong... or by thinking this have I begun the descent into the darkest areas of my character I have never known to exist...

If what I am learning is true, that in order for me bring Justice and Honor to these lands, a great evil must be forged...

Exerpts from the diary of Atreides

Atreides [A]

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