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A Tale...

He knew he would have his work cut out for him... He had already travelled so far and come all this way to a "New World" how could he honestly have expected everything to be paved in gold upon arrival? If there is one thing he had learned from his life of hardship it was that nothing worth anything was easy.

Once the young man arrived to the new world they called IN, he set out to make a name for himself. He quickly realized the land was monopolized by mighty warriors and highly skilled craftsman who had made IN their home long ago. It made trying to find a place for yourself in the world disheartening. He had dreams of leading common men and women to do great things, create a community bearable by all, even loved. If he wanted to be remembered like his father, he knew it was these things he must do.

He decided the best way to go about this was to form a guild. A guild dedicated to the weak, the innocent, and the young. He would open his arms to all that needed guidance. What better way to unify a people then to create a Haven. A haven in the form of a guild. So as it was "The Alliance" was formed with the help of many common folk and the unlikely assistance of a mighty noble.

The young man had been asking around town for days for anyone interested in joining with him willing to strive for the good of the newcomers to this land, because without them the future instore for IN was bleek.

One day a gentlemen mounted atop a mighty steed crept into the mines of Minoc. He made his way steady over to the young man.

"What's your name boy?" asked the gentlemen.

"My name is Atreides, I was named after my father."

"Are you the one trying to raise a guild, a guild for the common folk?" asked the gentlemen.

"Yes, I have seemed to grab the interest of many people, but unfortunately it seems that money will be the problem for my idea for a while."

"So I've heard... I want to make sure that you are pure of heart and only have the deepest of intentions. This world has been waiting for someone like you. Someone not tainted by the greed or evil that has stained this land for so long. I have something for you..."

The man reaches into his saddlebag and pulls out a backpack. He hands it to young Atreides only for the young man to drop it due to sheer weight. When the backpack busts open on the floor, hundreds of gold pieces spill out on the floor of the mines. People from all over the mine stand still in awe as they witness more money then their entire family had seen for years. The gentlmen laughs and starts making his way to the entrance of the mine.

"Hey, wait I haven't even thanked you!" says Atreides

The man pauses for a second and turns his steed slowly to face the young Atreides.

"All I ask is that you make an effort to follow your destiny, one in which I know is paved in honesty and truth."

"What is your name good sir?" asks Atreides

"Urb Nri, and I have been in this world for some time.. Anyway young man, take that money I have given you and make your dreams come to life."

After a few weeks in the town of Minoc he began to ask around about things to do and see while in this world. Most of the people he ran into were common folk trying to make an honest living by mining all day and selling ingots to the rich merchants for crumbs. It was definately a shattered market, making money was obviously terribly hard and required long hours of back breaking chores. He did manage to meet a few warriors that vanquished beasts all over the land who told stories of riches and treasures just beyond the safety of the town guards. But the young man could see through their eyes... They were worn out and looked as though they hadn't had a decent meal in weeks, and their armor was warn and tarnished. Some might say they had been leading a fool's dream for a life... Hearing that brought a smile to the young man's face. He too had what many had called a fool's dream, but it only made him want to attain it more.

He spent most his days mining and gathering logs, taking every opportunity to listen to tales of adventurers or travelling merchants trying his best to gain a better understanding of his new home. There were plenty of jolly and good hearted people about, it began to make him wonder why the economy was why it was. Many theory's believed it was due to the scarcity of gold itself, and many talked of the past... How long ago many a people dwelled within this world creating a vast and wealthy economy. But from what he gathered there was a Dark Age where little life existed and many fleed the lands of IN and not but a century ago started coming back to inhabit the lands.

After mingling for weeks and living in Minoc he met a few good people and with their help and the money of Urb Nri, he created The Alliance. The guild was well on its way with many a traveller and craftsmen joining the ranks, too hopefully bring the idea of a few to life, for the many.

Everything was going well, Atreides was watching his numbers grow and the people of his guild take pride in their work. Pride.. something this world hadn't seen for sometime.

Of course with any good story comes a time of tribulation. Atreides was out in the wilderness at his newly constructed Guild Hall when he recieved a note that one of his fellow miners had been attacked at the mines and was brutally murdered in front of his fellow friends. Knowing that few men who mined could actually defend themselves especialy while geared for laboring he quickly ran to the armory and suited up.

He was outside the mines within an hour and saw the stains of blood from his fellow guildmate. He looked to his left by the tents and saw what appeared to be a woman stained with the blood of a human. At that moment his friend stuck his head out around the corner and screamed.

"That's the evil that struck me down!"

Without hesitation young Atreides began summoning a creature to battle with the murderer. Surprised at the attack the woman fled with her earnings from the recent kill. Atreides quickly ran back to the mines to see if he could find out anymore about the assailant. Right as he was about too begin questioning the witnesses he felt this cold and clamy breeze hit the back of his neck. He saw in the faces of the miners in front of him that there was an evil behind him. Slowly Atreides turned around too see what at the time he thought was a God. The man hovered over 18 feet high atop his steed. The steed itself incased more evil then he had seen in the lands. He started to look at the man's armor and was nearly blinded, the metal itself seemed to be ablaze and the weapon he carried was as big as a pear tree with a blade the size of keg. Atreides had never seen a grander sight... Realizing what the man had came for Atreides, blinded by rage, attacked the man swearing aloud to avenge the murder of his guildmate.

Effortlessly Atreides was slain.

When Atreides came to hours later after the healing of a Cleric, he saw terror in the eyes of those around him.

"Whats the matter?" asks Atreides

"Why did you fight him, did you not know who he was?" says a travelling merchant.

"He? That was a man? I thought for sure that was B'elzzebulb himself."

"That is the mighty warrior known as "Gang-Bang" around these parts. Many fear him and out of that fear respect him." says another merchant.

"How can you respect a man that condones and protects those that murder?!"

"Who can stop him, he is the strongest of these lands? And he has a guild of ruthless warriors such as himself." says a woman holding her infant.

Atreides rises from the bed and begins towards the door. He turns to his Chancellor, Token, and says "Organize my General and Guardians of The Alliance we are too have a meeting in two days time."

He mounts his horse and heads for the portal back to his home. As he is making his way to the portal he remembers how awesome the aura that the warrior had. He looks down at his horse sees it's common appearance as any other horse or mule owned by many and remembers the steed the warrior rode.. All the while growing with anger at how easily he had been beaten. Right then he realized what he must do, no matter he must show to these people that the warrior could fall.

He broke into a full gallop towards home, if he was to make this a reality there was much work to be done....

[ooc]I approved your post since Shade is having some issues RL that needs taking care of.

I am a young player with few skills but i am training hard. I am a friend of Lord Token's we have fought many battles together in the past and i would like to join your guild so i can help fight the injustices that have came upon your guild.

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