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A message buried in the sand

A letter was extracted from its container after being found practically buried in the sand. The message was well worn but seemed to have a hint of magic protecting it from being damaged, though there was no clue as to how old it was. The letter says the following:

Days and days have passed and after a horrible storm we still have no idea where we are, totally lost in these lands. If anyone finds this letter, please send help! I fear it may be too late to save us but at the very least there is more here besides our lives that can be saved. I worry most about my companions as they seem to blame these happenings on me... if only I listened to their words and set out a few days later. They said it was far too easy to be lost in these lands. It is clear that they are slowly losing their minds and to make matters worse, monsters of some sort seem to be circling us now. Even though I send this message out, I feel all hope is lost. My crew will surely haunt our graves out of their pure hatred for me. Be wary if you come to our aid for it may be too late to save our bodies or souls but maybe there is something here worth the effort. The monsters are beginning to close in and I shall send this letter out before it is too late.

That is all that was written in the message. It seems after a bit of investigating that the writer could be a rich merchants guild leader as he has been missing for quite some time. However nobody seems to know where he left from or where he was headed. Surely there is some clue in his letter though.

Give location plz!

I think the point is to make us figure out the secret in the message... Although I don't find anything in it but then again I'm bad at riddles :eek:

is this a one time quest? has it been finish?

It seems after some more investigating, the man who wrote this letter had many secrets. Though he had much wealth he was in debt and knew that there would soon be people after him to collect. After finding out his identity, it was not hard to find his home. Either it has been cleaned out by robbers or he packed up everything he could while fleeing his home town.
Surely if anyone had found his treasure though, it would cause quite a stir. Especially considering the merchant had a fabled item, the only one of its kind.

As for more clues to where the treasure is, I cannot really help much there. All I know is that this damned letter smells of some sort of seasoning that only the rich have in these parts, though maybe I have smelt this scent somewhere before. I doubt the bottle would be any sort of clue either though, it merely smells of brandy. Seeing as how he was a rich merchant, both scents are something he may have obtained through his trades.

Still no word of the treasure being found, though rumors have been spreading that the merchant chartered a vessel. Maybe he had plans to start a new life somewhere on the other side of the world.


i love you

Well done finding the treasure. Hope you enjoy all the goodies. Oh and that pure white item you got, you know which one I mean, be sure to have a friend nearby if you use it.

Shade Wrote:Well done finding the treasure. Hope you enjoy all the goodies. Oh and that pure white item you got, you know which one I mean, be sure to have a friend nearby if you use it.

already have ;]

oh! check your pm real quick, got a question about that item.

thanks for the quest man, we ran about the entire lost land 3-4 times and find nothing ;]

and is this guy you talking about in the quest sound just like Messiah. lol

Care to clue us all in and make us jealous of your prize?

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