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StarWar Event

I just put the finishing touches on StarWar!
  • It's a Free-For-All that uses a combination of archery and explosion potions.
  • Everyone is covered head-to-toe in pure black making them harder to see.
  • Meteors will spawn and drift around the area to block your movement.
  • Warp Rifts spawn that will teleport you to a random location in the arena.
  • Seeker Droids and Battle Droids will spawn to attack you. Phasers (bow) can kill them but may cause 50 damage to you. Photon torpedos (explosion pots) are a risk free way to blow them up.
  • NEW: Blue healing energy spawns around the arena giving HP to the first person to step near it. (Run for the healing energy or throw bombs at it as a trap! Your choice.)

Here's a screenshot of the arena.


Dclick Torpedo [Razor] Wrote:Assistant.Macros.DoubleClickAction|1075884255|14265

Looks pretty cool Eru! Looking forward to trying it.

One question though; is it based on Star Trek or Star Wars? Seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle lol Smile

A little from column A, a little from column B, though I didn't plan to copy either one, I just went with whatever came to me. Tongue

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