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[Razor] Training Lockpicking

Explanation of skill gain:
INX skill gain is repetition based and not difficulty based, which means you can make the easiest item over and over and gain skill whether you have 40 or 90 points in that skill. As you gain skill it gets progressively longer to gain each .1 skill.

Why would I GM Lockpicking?
INX has many different quests and dungeons or areas that end with a nice big chest full of treasure. But after all that work of getting to the end, you didn't think they'd just give it to you did you? Your final challenge after all that work is to open the chest and take what's rightfully yours! Welcome to the world of lockpicking.

What you need to GM Lockpicking:

-1 container with all your lockpicks
-1 lockable container
-The key for the lockable container
-Lots of lockpicks (I used between 1000-1100)

The Macro:

Here's the Razor macro I used to GM Lockpicking from the safety and comfort of my own home.

Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Restock Agent-4

  1. For the first double click you want to target the key for the lockable container.
  2. For the first absolute target (for the key) you want to target the lockable container.
  3. For the second absolute target (for the lockpicks) you want to target the lockable container again.
  4. Find out your weight before picking up the lockpicks and change the value in the 'if weight <=40' line to this amount.
  5. Add lockpicks to restock agent 4, set amount to anything over 10 so you don't restock all the time.
  6. For the third absolute target (for the restock agent) you want to target the container with your lockpicks (this must not be the lockable one or you might run out of lockpicks and lock the rest in the container!)

Let me know if you have any trouble with the macro or suggestions.

Go to the Macros folder in the Razor folder (a common place for Razor is C:\Program Files\Razor), make a New Text Document and change the extension to ".macro" instead of ".txt". Copy the macro above in the quote into the new file and save and close the file. Restart Razor and your new macro should be there.

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