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UO 3D Paperdoll model

I'm looking for some sort of software/library in any language that could possibly output 3d models from uo character style. Something like starting with a default 3D naked model that could be dressed the same way as in game then output it in any 3D format. This would help me provide the community with a new kind of goodies Wink

Look into the Iris UO client. Its not good enough to PVP or hunt effectively, but it's fun to play with.


Hmm I just checked it and it seems they don't have the "paperdoll" in 3D I'll try to extract the information I need from the character anyway...

Er yeah, the paperdoll is still in 2D, but you can zoom in on the characters to see them up close. I'll post some screenshots I took when I find them.

Hmm de models don't have as much detail as I hoped but for an initial trial they will do.

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