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The underground tunnels

A small underground passage has been found to be in existence somewhere in the world. While the doorway may be somewhat obvious, the location is not.

The location will remain a mystery for the time being as I wish to see some good old fashion adventuring take place. For the first person to find it and solve the riddle inside, a prize awaits. This will be a permanent addition to the world and the location will be revealed after someone finds it.

I will wait 24 hours before giving any real clues unless it is found before then, in which case the location will be made public. Though to give you all a chance at finding it...

The entrance is clear and rather obvious, the sky is viewable before entering. Somewhat guarded it may be and yet the path isn't very dangerous.

Good luck.

Clue: There are dirt paths that lead the way, figuring out which one is right could take all day. The wind here carries the stench of the undead, they lurk around their graves until forced into their eternal bed. Though you can barely see them you get a chill, going to the graveyard once was more then enough to get your fill.

Let's hope that helps a bit.

Next Clue: The dead are found to the east, as if the area you stand at is pointing towards it. Your travels have been dark and dangerous but as you come to the doorway the area can be bright and lit. With no clouds the sun above shines down, to the east you see pieces and pieces of a town.

i failed

no need to page, pm me and post about it all at once :p

The tunnels were (finally) found. The entrance is between levels of covetous.

This will remain open indefinitely so feel free to venture down there once you find it and see if you can piece together the codeWink

god damn. i went in covetous and only pass the first lvl and thought about the clues.... i'm like... this can't be it...

oh well im a freakin r-tard for not going in all the way :/ what was the prize?

was 20k.........or might actually of been a sexy new ride not sure which one :p

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what is the code? :S


Look for numerical clues throughout the tunnel.

How many numbers the password has?

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Seriously bro, I got few clues. brew four, 7 and 3!
Dunno what to do with that.

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There are four numbers to find and you need to use them at a certain location.
That is the last clue you get from me Smile

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