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New Quests Available

Today we have added some classic quests along with something new. Some of you may be familiar with the Witch's Apprentice, Ambitious Solen Queen, Collector, and Naturalist quests. These quests are now up and running! Of course since we added the solen quests, the solen hives are now open as well.

For those who have not done these classic quests, take a few moments to try them out as they are quite fun and add something new to the game play.

First off the Witch's Apprentice Quest: This quest is to help a grumpy old hag retrieve her stolen recipes. However as the quest unfolds you find yourself doing more then you would have first assumed. The old hag seems to live in the wreckage of an old home. Doesn't seem to be too far from Britain either. I wonder what an old witch would offer as a reward?

Ambitious Solen Queen: One of the queens roaming the solen hives is trying to guarantee her promotion to matriarch in the near future. She is looking for someone who does not mind getting their hands dirty. Of course this could anger the beasts that live below. Will you take on such a risky task?

The Collector Quest: A short minded business man seems to have mistaken you as an old friend. He willingly offers you a job with the utmost trust, thinking that your history with him goes way back, though you just met him. He wants you to run just a few simple errands, nothing more then that... I promise? This confused old man is often spotted drinking away his time at his favorite inn.

The Naturalist Quest: A typical researcher of all things has set his focus on the solens lately. His interest peeked as he learned about how they breed. Now he needs someone brave enough to take on the task of doing his research for him in the dangerous underground solen hives. He seems like the type that may even reward you with a unique surprise.

Now for a new quest, The Quest of the Magical Sextant.
This quest starts off by finding an old sailor by the name of Finlor. It seems though he isn't quite the pirate he once was, he still is always lurking near towns with beautiful shorelines. As the quest starts off he explains of a mgic item he is willing to craft for you, a magical sextant. All he wants in return is a few simple seaworthy treasures, fair trade I'd say. Oh did I mention you will also have to find a few special ingredients so he can craft it for you? Im sure I did... Well as you travel on you will run into his old seafaring friends, each with something you need. Of course these men aren't always so generous as to hand over their treasures free of charge. Seems the pirate life pays well, so they do not gold but instead a few simple tasks here and there. Of course once your job is completely done you may need to take a nap before using your magical (and awesome) sextant.

I hope everyone has fun with these new additions to INX and there will be even more to come as time passes, so stay tuned!

hey Shade I'm still waiting for some help with the Collectors Quest.. I want to be able to either finish it or cancel it all together so that I can try another one..

I did it Menace, I can help you with anything you need Wink!

[Image: 2cn76h2.gif] [Image: avatar20124_12.gif] If you liked my posted, dont forget to thank me Wink!

Best Regards,

well thanks for the offer hiro but it's actually bugged and neither of the three npcs with the music sheets will let me buy one.. for some reason they all say they have runout.. shade was helping me with it yesterday but I havent heard from him since and would like to figure something out....

The only fault I have found in the script is how it does the check for gold. I'm still checking into it though.

Those of you who had troubles with this quest, if you could please try it again that would be helpful. I made some minor changes and I am hoping that it should work fine now without the need of editing the script. Also it checks for gold in your bank so make sure you have gold, and not just checks, in there. I might change that in the future but for now I would just like to get it working without flaws first.

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