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Content request (you post, we make it)

We need to know what type of content you guys think is VERY important for our server. Post what you think will be the most important things to implement, everything from crafts, monsters, events, resources, etc.

Like I said in the other topic, please direct your friends here, even if they have quit. We have the chance to make this server the server they once enjoyed playing.

The staff members will read this topic, then move the things they find most important to the staff forum, and we will implement it.

Quote:We need to know what type of content you guys think is VERY important for our server. Post what you think will be the most important things to implementeverything from crafts, monsters, events, resources, etc
Starting skills included?

Starting skills included, some suggestions will however be regarded extra thoughtfully, as something like starting skills might be both good and bad, while an harmless, but important, item might be added straight away.

Our first content thing will be stackable pots as described in:

We are also making so that kegs no longer "swallows" the bottle, so that we do not make kegs useless. Stackable pots will unstack if they are on your body (not in a bag) when you die, this to make looting your items back a possibility. We chose to start with them cause they will reduce item count (lag) massively.

I have my own thoughts on New Armor Suggestions! AND Weapons!

Storm tribe and Hellfire Armor.
Storm tribe and hellfire Weps.

Rare Drops, Not crafts.

Already Have monsters, locations, Hues, Armor and Weapons types ready.

I always worry so much when someone saying that new armor/weps going to be implemented. However, if maka will say that they will not ruin our pvp system, i wont worry about it anymore;p

Nah not at all.
They aren't new Uber Armor/Weps.

Just new, rare Armor and weps that drop,
which also brings new mobs!


Another thing we have removed is the swearing filter.

I would also like to say that a version of this: is going in. I do not believe it damages PvP in any way, and we have prioritized new crafts quite high.
Death match is also on the list:

Excellent news!

-I would like to see silver weapons added in.

-All rides, "llamas, zos, orns, horse, mustang" have them respawn in all colors, besides staff colors.

-All craft skills make profitable, for instance... regular item= 10 gp exceptional, some more gold than regular

-i personally would like to see the armor "Devastator" return

-more monster bashes be held, with the GM being transfered into the mob running around

-leather dye tub, furniture dye tub, bone armor dye tub

-add in some AOS, weapons that you wouldnt think would stand out. There bows, perhaps dual swords? not making it power house, but just for mid damage

Thank you Rooster, for your contribution. Smile

I would like to see more extreme monsters like extreme daemons etc whatever you like, but more monsters that drop good loots and more extreme spawns

"Either we will find a way .... or we will make one"[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

  • Elven armor, highly guarded mounts of nifty colors, more loot from monsters (more on this in the future).
  • More ingot colors for GM miners. I always thought fire and wizard ingots were pretty awesome.
  • Incentives for GMing carpentry other than a lame ass hatchet Wink.
    Furniture dye for GM carpenters, leather dyes for multiple GMed tailors (maybe GMing tailoring 2-3 times plus a 10k fee gets you a leather dye tub).
  • R/R/N instrument for GM bardic skills.
  • Total mana and heal potions that can be used if not engaged in PVP activities for at least 2-5 minutes.
  • Add a rare sea monster that can be drawn out by a master fisherman (90+) with a low spawn rate that can drop special decoration/dye tub assembly pieces, 10k gold, and is a pain in the ass to take down Wink.
  • Hold more monster bashes. PvP events are great and all... but there are SO many aspects of this game that most people never explore. Team PVM, fishing, treasure hunting, and dungeon puzzles are a lot of fun...
  • Add randomly spawned treasure chests that have 10k gold and a piece of special red/green/blue elven armor that appear in the wild. Set lockpicking skill requirement to 90 to give incentive for people to train/explore less often used skills.
  • IMPROVE MEDITATION - gah damn.
  • Add special lumberjackable (that a word?) woods so you can make elven bows with special colors that have an extra added ability (that may only work in pvm?) such as +20 meditation, +5 fire damage, +10 magery, etc.
  • Enable stealing out of guards.
  • That's all I have for now.

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