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Imagine Nation's First House Design Contest

My house submission

Second house submission

Light House

Erm did anyone ever win this thing? j'I never heard..

Oh hell, I forgot about this thing. Did we only have two entrants? That may be why Shade never picked one. Tongue

I remember when I won the first player-supplied tourny, and never got my trophy Big Grin

We should have like a non supply tourney for a trophy like every 2 weeks or a month.

Yeah that'd be really fun... Especially if you get to loot AND get a trophy Big Grin

Are we having a house contest again? =)

Harold Miner Wrote:Are we having a house contest again? =)

When I get enough money to be able to participate, yeah. :dance:

im about ready to enter my GH already =p

I think I'll re-do this house contest now that more people are established. I've seen some awesome houses that you guys have made. :3 I need to think up some prizes and I'll make a post for it this weekend during my break from work.

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