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Ancient Lore

The lore of the Diamond Katana & Chu Ko Nu

Long, long ago two races existed in the lost lands of Sosaria. These races, though they exist no more, wielded great powers. The race known as Kentempai lived in a village now known as Delucia. The Kentempai were powerful warriors with the ability to focus their magic into their very weapons, inflicting mortal wounds with a single strike to the most powerful and feared creatures known to the world.

Their power had soon been known across the lands during these ancient times and it was not long before citizens of Britainia began to fear for their lives, even though the Kentempai had not meddled in the humans affairs. It did not take much time for the humans to decide that they needed to seal off the lost lands though. The greatest mages of the era were summoned to seal the paths to the lost lands to prevent this supposed threat from attacking them.

As chance would have it, the humans could not have been more right as they sensed impending doom. However they could not have known that the attack would geared towards another race, one of great peace and beauty.

The Pralious lived in harmony with nature and their surroundings. Though it would seem to outsiders that they were just simple bards, this race seemed to magic flowing through their veins, just as it is said to be with the elven race. They used their magical charm and magnificent voices to protect themselves from danger and even befriend ferocious creatures. Though they only used their magic in self defense, it was still well honed and ever growing within them.

The Kentempai were aware of this race, as they had been scouting the lands for a challenge to test their strength. They knew that the Pralious would never accept their challenge so they decided that the only way to get them to show their real power is to threaten their existence all together.

One night, during the darkest hour, three Kentempai warriors rushed into the village slaughtering all their creatures and immediately retreating as to not start their planned war just yet. It was simply to show the Pralious that their was indeed a threat and this was their warning to prepare.

The next day when the Pralious awoke from their huts, now known as Papau, they were filled with great sorrow. Their sorrow was not because of the threat but as they had never seen such evil in the world until now. They spent the day mourning the loss of their companions and holding tribute to the gods to guide the souls of the dead.

Upon nightfall they had gathered in the center of their city, circled around their village elder. The night was spent discussing the threat that hid in the shadows. Much was discussed and before day break they had reached a final decision. They were to eliminate this evil, even if it cost them their lives.

Days had passed and the Pralious were watching and waiting for their attackers to make another move. Of course they were unfamiliar with the tactics of war and knew that an attack may come that was unforeseen. As the Pralious prepared themselves and stayed on the defensive, the Kentempai were itchy to draw blood. Finally a time was decided, the next full moon would be the moment of attack.

The day had finally arrived and the Kentempai readied for a full out war to take place once the moon had reached its highest mark in the sky. As they marched onwards to the town in which the Pralious resided, their blood boiled with a joy. They eagerly awaited this night for some time, whether they lived or perished did not matter as they simply wanted to test their powers and skills.

The moon had reached its peak and the Kentempai rushed into the town with looks of great joy on their face. As they approached the center of town, slaughtering a few guards, they had seen they would indeed get their challenge. As each side focused their sight on one another, they all knew that this would be a battle of which none had ever seen. The Kentempai rushed towards the largest group of Pralious, all while focusing their magic into their weapons. The Pralious stood their ground, getting ready to cast spells of great power. As the two sides battled on through the night, both sides had seen many casualties but it appeared that the Kentempai were bound to win, despite the great powers of the Pralious. Foreseeing the loss, the elder pulled back and knew what must be done. He began to cast a great spell, a forbidden spell, that was unknown to either side. The battle almost paused briefly as a storm brewed above them, lightning striking all around the edge of the town. The elder continued to recite the magical words and as he neared the end of his lengthy spell, the ground began to shake. It was soon apparent to the Pralious what he was doing and they had just as quickly accepted their fate, knowing that they would all soon perish. With a final phrase from the elder's mouth, time slowed and a darkness of magic swallowed all life from the lost lands. The spell was that of unfathomable power and though it did not reach the lands of Britainia, it did however break the barrier spell that blocked the paths in.

The tale ends there, it is unknown what had happened to either race or even if the stories are true. All that is left are the stories that are passed about as listeners simply pay no mind, as a story such as this could only be a fairytale. Though to the few who do believe also know of another tale, a tale of a great treasure that each race possessed. If such rare artifacts do exist, the elder's spell could have sent the items anywhere with its enormous power. Of course during those times the lost lands were sealed away... if they exist they must still be in the lost lands somewhere.

Those who believe such tales should start their journey by searching the towns in the lost lands. If there are any clues, one would surely find them there.

both weapon completed by

Team Theo, Paulie and Samurai!

the legends are true!

Chu Ko Nu completed by:

Rabbi Samild and Kandorin

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