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RP Rules And Guidelines

[SIZE="4"]RP Rules[/SIZE]

1. Do not refer to real life situations.

This includes exchanging out of game personal information about yourself (rather than your character) and discussing anything that happens out of game.

2. Using abbreviations of any sort is strictly prohibited.

The use of “faces” falls under this rule as it is an abbreviation of emotions.

Examples of abbreviations and faces: afk lol brb -_- :d

3. Whenever a race or trait of any kind is being role-played, the facts of your role-play must always be taken into consideration and may not be broken.

For example, if a player chooses to play the role of holy man who does no wrong, murder (pking) would be strictly forbidden. Another example of this rule would be, if a character’s role-play states that they needed a specific item to survive, that character cannot be without that item at any time.

4. If a guild is role-playing, the guild master will be held accountable for the actions of his or her members.

This rule applies if the guild leader does not require members to write individual stories.

5. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

If anyone submits a story they do not have the rights to use, that person will be jailed in game for a week and in addition they will lose all rights to ever request or earn RP rewards. We are strongly opposed to plagiarism.

We understand at times, going out of character may be needed to some degree. This may be to quickly exchange personal contact information or even a need to talk about private or personal issues with a close friend. Because of such situations, a few leniencies are in place.

A) If a quick message is needed to be relayed, the use of brackets is acceptable.

This is not to be taken advantage of. It is simply for a short and simple message, not messages.

B) Speaking out of character in private is acceptable.

This is strictly for a one on one conversation and must take place in the privacy of a home.

C) If an event requires a person to go out of character this is acceptable.

This simply means that a player’s role-play can be changed momentarily to fit the event. This does not mean that the player can ignore their role-play. As an example, if a player is playing the role of someone who cannot ride a horse, they could do so to take part in an event if they so choose. The player would still have to follow all other role-playing rules and guidelines.

D) You are do not need to stay in character when using party or guild chat.

Party and guild chat are not moderated and since it is a rather private form of communication, you may speak however you choose to while using these. This does not mean that you should only talk in guild/party chat. If you are in a trial period for rewards, only speaking in party/guild chat will cause your request to be denied.

As of February 1st, breaking character will result in jail time.

If any staff member catches you out of character in any public place you may be jailed.

Minimal sentences:
First offense: Warning Issued
Second offense: 3 hours
Third offense: 12 hours

If someone breaks character on three different occasions within a weeks time or 6 occasions within a month, they will lose their rewards.

Making mistakes is understandable and in no way do I want to see anyone punished for it. If you slip up, simply correct yourself immediately.

Also a reminder that events are not an excuse to break character. You may only slightly altar your roleplay if the event requires that you do so.

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