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New developer!

We finally have a new developer with us, Malik.
He will be able to help fix serious bugs at first, and maybe add new features later on. He's just one man though, so don't expect miracles, hehe.

Treat him with the respect that he deserves, he already fixed a bunch of bugs, including the major mining issue. Don't demand too much of him or he will most likely burn out like everyone else did.

Welcome Malik! It will be a pleasure having you on the staff team Smile

Great news!!! Glad to have you and welcome to the team!!

Hi all

I'm happy to be part of the team and I'm here to try and help fix some bugs and implement new things. If you think you have encountered a bug you can mail me at or page a GM ingame. I'll get to fixing them as soon as possible.

Greetings malik!
wellcome to the IN-X society.
thank you for helping us the players and making it a better world for us Smile
hope you injoy being here Smile GOOD LUCK!!!

This is fantastic news! Glad to have you on the IN-X staff/team. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

Hope to catch you around in game!

Be well,


good news! Big Grin welcome malik Smile hope u will enjoy staying here just as much as i do Big Grin

- regards, Fable


Yankovic - "... Oh Nasir, sorry, you are teh greatest. I'm a fool, you were right all the time. please forgive me. ..." (possibly out of context)

hey welcome Big Grin

I hope you enjoy with us Big Grin


Welcome, glad to have good help on board Wink

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