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Imagine Nation Server Status [Ask About or Update Server Status]

Back up. Sorry about that.

Trying to log in but it says cannot connect. I havent changed any settings or anything. Anyone else?

yep, server is offline atm

Thanks for the confirm.


K so its not just me Sad

Is the server down or am i have problem at my end :?


Its up now

Anyone else unable to log in? I get to the character selection screen, select a character but then it just freezes.

Hm other people are on and others have logged in since you posted.

Are you able to log into an alt character? Have you changed anything UO related recently?

I patched it then it wouldnt let me back in. It was weird because I did get in, then I ported to Brit *crash*. Now none of the characters will get in. Maybe I should patch again.

edit: Tried making a new character, same thing.

Hm thats odd. Though I could see an issue occurring if you had UO or a UO related program open while running the patcher.

I do in fact see you connecting and logging on for a split second in game but it seems something is causing an immediate crash. I thought it might be something else so I moved your character but that didn't help. I also started to undress you but thats not related to this problem.

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