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How to use Razor

I will test your macro this weekend and see what is wrong with it.

Where does it restock from? A bank?

Kre, in order to copy and paste your macros from Razor, you must go to the file directory where the main source files are located. Then when you find that directory, you must go to the macros folder, then find the one titled correctly, copy the text, and paste it. To make a new one, you just make a new text file with a name IN that macro folder, then paste macro text into it.

I didn't know the easy uo macro banked automatically, I might actually use it now.

Having problems with razor, could be contributed to several things.

World Saves
Processor Strength

IF you have two processors, what you can to is go into task manager and right click the process. Select affinity and designate how many processors you wish to have run that program, set its priority higher aswell. Do NOT set priority to HIGHEST

That might crash your pc.

If you only have one pc, you can close unneeded processes in your pc. You can also close down explorer.exe and still run the files you had out on the desktop using Alt-Tab.

Let me know.

i got a box in my bank wich i got all cloths in, the macro grabs 100 cloths to backpack and then puts all gold he earned in same box.

i have been pinging my gateways etc and noticed my isp is lagging like hell so im starting to think thats the problem. You can test macro for 1-2 hours and check if it messes up, then let me know. I wish injection was more reliable to macro with because my tailor script i made is completely lag/worldsave proof :O

How do you kill that wich have no life? :EE

I'll test it on Sunday. Don't worry. If I do happen to find a flaw, I will experiment with it until I find the right solution, then post it here.

I seem to be having problems testing your macro out. I cannot copy/paste the text for some odd reason. This never happened to me before. O.o;

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