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Drakzik the Miner

[COLOR="Yellow"]In the mine so icy cold,
Drakzik died his body old.
The life he dreamt replaced by ore,
A life spent mining left him poor

Miners mine and Drakzik too,
Shabby clothes that give no clue
To the wealth they hoarde in precious steel
Riches that their banks conceal

'Find my grave' once Drakzik said
When the icy cold has forced me dead
I'll die with riches you'll never see
Speak of "Earth" when you find me.

This is a follow the clues quest. Find each location and say the appropriate word to be shown the next clue. First three people to the end will receive prizes.

PVP and Looting are allowed as the quest locations can be anywhere in the world.

No rune to it :* Poo.

Can you tell us the answers now ?

hmm tha be honest tis dissapointed me tha sea ye tha gods choose a region tha most newcomers cant acces. I be hopin ye atleast next time make tha first clue somewhere people can get or make is so people can get there, no fun in bein excluded from an event fer tha simple reason tha ye havent had a boat an marked a rune.

On a more cheerful note I be happy tha ye atleast be havin treasure hunts.
An I be tha kind tha likes tha quest without answers so tha I meself can search fer em

Yar a Pirate I be, if ye be wishin
then ye can come plunder with me
[Image: cantindye8.jpg]

Thanks it was great fun.

Thanks for the quest and thanks for the prize Smile

[Image: 186317photonp2.gif][Image: rendered_yoshi.gif]
The Ultimate Skill Biatch
Want anything crafted? I'm your guy![/COLOR]

we should definitely have more quests like this

This is a signature.

where was the place where you had to say "water" ?
I need to know, it doesn`t give me rest. :evil:

1st clue led to mine in ice island
2nd led to waterfall next to entrance to despise
3rd clue led to Northern part of Wind
4th clue led Fire Temple
5th Clue led to Compassion Shrine
6th Clue led to Grave marker behind nujelm Graveyard
7th Clue led to Sandstone patio house north of Minoc

Had to say Frizkin to get inside

quest over already? didnt even know about this. i love you vulcan Smile
maybe another soon?

aim: umba111
yahoo: deadbi_misociety44

what was the prize?

[Image: untitled1copyyb3.png]

renamed box and color and radioactive ingot

aim: umba111
yahoo: deadbi_misociety44

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