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Bug Reporters and Exploiters

If you have a bug to report, have found an exploit, or have any other feedback you'd like to send to the staff, but don't want to create a public thread, you can email: feedback{at}
You can also contact staff directly with this format: staffname{at}

This thread is to serve as an example of what to expect as far as punishment or reward for exploiting or reporting a bug.

Report Form Wrote:Bug:
Player: (anonymous unless otherwise requested)
Action: (Reported or Exploited)
Outcome: (Reward or Punishment)

Bug: Crafted bloodrock armor came out as aqua colored (1947)
Player: -anon-
Action: Reported
Outcome: Got to keep all of the bugged armor with its incorrect hue, making it a rare item that might be valuable.

Details: Self explanatory.

Bug: .vote command gave reward without cooldown
Player: -anon-
Action: Exploited
Outcome: 1 week of jail time and a complete bank wipe

Details: Player noticed that if you used the .vote command, you got the 1000g reward every time even though there was supposed to be a 24 hour cooldown. Instead of reporting, the player and a friend made macros to spam the command, amassed millions of gold, many rare dye tubs, castle deeds, and more before being caught, less than half an hour later.

Received 1 week of jail and a complete bank wipe, which is very lenient considering the severity of what could have happened if this hadn't been noticed quickly.

Exploit: Creating multiple accounts for the new characters' gold.
Player: -anon-
Outcome: 5 days of Jail and a gold wipe.

Details: Player was creating extra accounts, then creating new characters to pass the gold to his main account. This was detected and all the extra accounts were deleted, the player's main account was jailed for 5 days, and all of player's gold was deleted.

Exploit: Multi-Clienting resource gatherer
Player: -anon-
Outcome: Account Deletion

Details: A player created a 2nd account that was used only to gather resources for his main character's macros. Shade gave them a field sobriety test and determined that it was one player (running multiple clients on the same machine no less), then flipped a coin. In a very unlucky turn of events, the coin flip said that the main account was the one that was to be deleted.

Note: This sounds more severe than the previous exploits' punishments, but this was not a firs offense. The player had been warned already, and apparently ignored the warning. The severity is also high because of the 50/50 coin flip, which is the preferred way of dealing with multiclient deletion decisions. (I think Shade watches too much Batman).

Bug: White Wolf bodyvalue randomly used new dragon animation
Player: -anon-
Action: Reported Immediately
Outcome: Rewarded 25 Nickels

Bug: Could exploit the Tactics quest to complete it several times very quickly
Player: -anon-
Action: Reported
Outcome: Boosed the final 2 points from 73 to 75 Tactics (Most obtainable through the quest) plus 20 Imagine Nickels

Details: I used to be a newbie GM and forgot to make sure you couldn't get multiple quest books from the NPC. You could stock up on the books, then you would get credit for all the copies of the quest. Basically, you'd do the quest once and have all the books you needed to get 75 tactics. It's fixed now and I'm checking all the Quest NPCs to make sure this kind of bug doesn't exist on them as well.

Staff: GM Redemption (playername Reaper)
Action: Added gold, ingots etc. for Kiandan
Outcome: Redemption, Reaper and Kiandan banned forever. Accounts associated with Redemption's IP banned. All items that were added by Redemption removed.

Bug: Eru is dumb and left a tamable unicorn. (I typed tameable when adding it instead of tamable, I bet)
Player: -anon-
Action: Tamed it, rode around in celebration and reported it.
Outcome: I kicked the player off of Twilight Sparkle the unicorn (the nerve of riding her like that...) and took her back to her library, no longer tamable. Player got a renamed, purple library book called "The Magic of Friendship".

Bug: You could somehow create an unsafe zone in the Casino using a bug with the chess board. Still not quite sure how this worked, though the chessboard is disabled now.
Player: Depth, Scarecrow, Goldbond
Action: Used the bug to kill people in the casino and loot their gear.
Outcome: Jailed for a day. After reading over this thread, it looks like we may have gotten soft in the punishments.

Bug: Wind region was set to not allow damage so you could cast spells, use weapons/train on npcs or monsters in the zone and guards weren't able to do their job.
Player: Nitz
Action: Reported
Outcome: Fixed region and gave Nitz named/colored Statue.

Bug: A bunch of players got a newbied bag by accident when an event was hosted.
Player: Anonymous
Action: Reported
Outcome: Deleted all newbied bags and gave the reporter a bag with a bunch of resources.

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