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[Razor] Fletching/Bowcrafting macro

Hey, I'm a newb (I was the one asking where to sell all the sweet bone armor I had in Brit a few days ago *doh*). I'm not completely new, I did play on the pay servers back in the day, but that was like 10 years ago! Anyways, here's my contribution for those who can't figure out how to make a fletching macro as I didn't see one on here.

Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Restock Agent-1

Feel free to edit or add to that. I have a lot of pauses, I'm not in any kind of hurry, it's so much faster than dragging and dropping one by one! It also closes the menu so if it fails (even at level 50 they fail sometimes) there aren't a billion menu boxes open. If it fails and there is a menu box open it will try to make a crossbow.

Time to go hunting for harpies and chopping wood...

I'm also going to start a thread about how I figured out how to use restock in macros. Might be good for people as newb as I am.


Erm. I don't quiet understand. Is this for making Bows or for arrows? If its for arrows, i don't see any drags for the logs/feathers.( which means it would use all the material in your bag at once). my macro drags a box from the bank to my bag, puts 1 feather,1 log into main bag, drop box back into bank, make arrow, drag it into bag in bank and repeat.

EDIT: I see a "Restock" agent... is that your 1 by 1 ? i guess i've never used that, how does it work?

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Yeah, that takes one shaft from my bank and puts it in my bag. I posted about restock in another thread. It makes macroing a lot more gui that way, which I like. I have a ton of feathers in my bag so I don't need to restock those. I'm sure you could restock both feathers and shafts. I haven't made one to make shafts yet, probably won't as I do that while I'm running around normally.

Personally I would just make shafts to train Fletching. Arrows are handy and all but gaining with as less resources as possible is a better option.

That's just my opinion though.

You might want to right click the first line in your macro to use DClick by Type to make it a bit more user friendly. I'm actually quite surprised at the amount of pauses in this one. 13 seconds total excluding the wait for menus (with unedited timeouts) I'm sure that could be optimized. I've gotten 6 seconds maximum when crafting anything.

It'll double the gains you get out of your online time if you were to remove the pauses (Wait for menu are pauses in itself.)

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