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1vs1 Regular Tournament

Okay this is an announcement about the first 1vs1 Regular Tournament that will hopefully take place this friday. to the people who dont know what this event is about, well its simply a normal tournament similar to replacements but with no teams, so you will have to fight on you own.

This event [SIZE="5"]will not be autosupply[/SIZE] so you will have to go [SIZE="5"]with you own stuff[/SIZE] also will be no loot.

Hopefully if everything goes as planned it will take place around 5pm (Eastern Time)

Hope to see you there


//edit by n0x: temporarily stickied till event starts.

Thankyou! I love you

So its a Vet 1 vs 1 no auto supply, no loot right? or i am wrong?
why dont u make a 1 vs 1 only for new people? just because its not really just a 1 vs 1 when a xuo man they give a vanq weapon +25 and here it's huge difficult than on xuo to get it so probably u think im complaining but im only asking at this point of the server i dont mind. i have see just more disadvatange.

now u will say: on 1 on 1 u need more than a vanq weapon. of course but a vanq weapon always help and here i 've seen that vanq weps are hard to get.

The tournament is tomorow guys!!!!! are you ready to rock and roll? Big Grin

Thx for the answer.

i suppose i dont need to answer this more

see u

its a chance for people who have been saying up for all their gear to use it and thats all i've been doing so hurray! also I dont see what the problem is, this is the first 1v1 supply yourself tourney since the shard opened, its not like they do it all the time.

It's a no loot tourney. What will the prices be? Will it be worth all the resources used in the end?

The price is usually a tourney ticket = 80 K if my memory still good. but when you have 4 TT you can have a R/R cloth of your choice. If the tourney bring more than a % of the ppl on it could be 2 ticket for the winner.

But The Best Of All is that you will be on top in the PVP Ladder wich is really great for you renown.

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