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Hunter/Slayer Event

I'm adding a new event type that I hope to eventually automate to happen once every 12-24 hours or so.

A broadcast will go out announcing the location of the event and a gate will open at the location.
Players who want to participate must go to the location and enter the gate.
Participants will be teleported to a mirror version of the area (Trammel Version) which is populated with monsters.
A nearby chest will be guarded by a magical field that can only be broken by defeating all the monsters in the area.
The monsters drop normal loot, but also have a chance to drop Imagine Nickels.
Once the last monster dies, the magical barrier will disappear and the chest will be accessible.

NOTE: PVP is allowed in this area, so there'll be some strategy and teamwork involved, especially when the chest is getting close to opening up.

Chest loot is mostly gold, scrolls, gems, reagents, and weapon crystals.

At the time of posting, the 'Corrupted Wrong' version of this event is running with a portal at Wrong Dungeon. I decided to open it up early because of an accidental broadcast. Smile

Since it was unexpected, I also opened up a gate on top of Britain's bank to the entrance of Wrong. You're on your own for getting back.

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