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[Razor] Improved Heal/Mage/Resis/Eval/Medit

I wasn't too happy with the macro I had up here, seemed a bit slow. So.. I improved it. That, and I forgot to put healing in the topic title.

To make things a lot faster and a bit more organized, I'm going to give you another one of my takes on making a relatively simple magery/healing/restocking macro.

As skill progresses, less time is needed. So instead of having to change a meditation loop number, I have it run until my mana is full. An impossible feature for Razor it may seem, as there's no Loop Until ( Mana >= 100 ) feature. There is only a ( Wait for Mana >= 100 ) which only applies for AoS. It's made possible on pre through macro control.

º A lot of Bandages and Sulfurous Ash
º A bank or secure container within reach
º A spellbook with Magic Arrow inscribed.
º 100 HP/Mana
º Restock Agent-1: SA/Aids.
º Organizer Agent-2: Hotbag set to a container in your bank and bloody bandages in the list to organize.
º Patience.

What it does:
º Nyr_Damage.macro: Casts MA on your character and restock on SA/Aids when low. The restock is set to SA because you'll run out of that way before you'll run out of aids. Calls guards when needed.

º Nyr_Refresh.macro: Meditates and applies bandages. Also calls guards when needed, this is in both macros due to the total of 2,00sec delay in Damage and 4,00 in Refresh. Safety first. The delay for Meditation in this one could be 3,00sec - but, I like doing 2 things simultaneously, had I done that I could not have healed and meditated at the same time. A compromise was made.

º Nyr_Control.macro: Handles the Damage and Refresh macros. Places bloody bandages in the Bank/Secure and stops the current macro when Magery is GMed.

How to run:
º Unzip the file I have attached to this post, move the Magery folder into the (Default) C:\Program Files\Razor\Macros directory.
º Press Play on the Control Macro.

Have a peek, if you aren't GM in Magery yet, you'll like what you're getting for absolutely nothing Wink

Reserved :icon_twisted:

A suggestions if you do not already have it. You can simulate a "While Mana <= xx", by doing a for loop that checks the looping conditions in the beginning.

eg (this is just pseudo):

For 100
If Mana <= 98
Wait 3 sec
End If
End For

You will only trigger the wait if you are actually meditating, and skip the rest. If you are in an "empty" loop, it will take about 1/10th of a second to finish it, so no big deal if your for loop has a big value.

Hope it helps.

Yeah I think I've tried that, not too sure though. I useally start an if before a loop. Can't be bothered to try it out now, though. Too tired ;p

I still need to add an FS scroll to the macro, I didn't have any. The majority of the time it has full hp and tries to heal but can't cause of no damage. Might aswell gain some healing in the meantime.

But if you have one at hand, just add in nyr_refresh.macro;

If SysMessage ("That being is not damaged!")
Double Click (Flamestrike Scroll)
Wait for Target
Exec: Cancel Current Target
End If

I don't want to sound like an idiot but after hitting play on the control macro it just loops itself over and over and doesn't do anything. Are both hotkeys set to containers or am I missing something here?

Majite Wrote:I don't want to sound like an idiot but after hitting play on the control macro it just loops itself over and over and doesn't do anything. Are both hotkeys set to containers or am I missing something here?

It should just run fine without any hotkeys. You'll need to have atleast 2 SA and bandies on you, else you won't get the sysmessages.

If you're still having problems try setting the hotkeys for Damage to 7, Refresh to 8, Restock-1 to M, Organizer-2 to Numpad 6 and Target Self to mwheeldown.
If it still doesn't work - it's something on your end. I have people running it without having to change anything other than the Agents.

The "containers" are by default, the bank. It just targets itself.

I'm having the same problem as Majite, the control macro just loops.
But looking at it I don't see why it wouldn't just loop, look at it-

[Image: 6wm9aus.jpg]

It's looping because it has nothing to do. If I download the file i've attached in the first post I can cleary see the macros between the ifs.

Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Play: Magery\Nyr_Refresh
Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Play: Magery\Nyr_Damage

There should be ExecTonguelay: Magery\Nyr_Refresh and Damage between the first two ifs.

Looks like I forgot to put the files in a folder called Magery.

I've edited the archive attached to the topic post, please redownload.

Move the Magery folder located in the zip into the Macros folder and everything should work fine. I thought I tested this thing thoroughly before uploading, something always slips by. lol :doubt:

Thanks so much! Works great now and I would just like to say I really appreciate the help. Keep it up man I like your macros

First Id like to say its a good script but which marco do I play? For now Ive been playing NYR_Damage. When I play it, it works but it doesnt restock for some reason. I am using my bank

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