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Grandmaster Rewards

can someone list the rewards for GM-ing each skill please. Im almost GM musicianship and my mate jsut got GM Anatomy and didnt get anything. Yet I notice a lot of people with GM skills walking around with coloured spellbooks and weird robes. Thanks.

ah righto. would be great if every skill had a reward. like a newbified different coloured katana for swords, a hand held magnifying glass for forensic evaluation, a coloured fishing pole for mining etc. Might encourage more people to not just macro eval int anatomy magery inscription meditation and resist. Add some player flavour to the shard. (atm its a bit like invasion of the body snatchers, just lots of vegetable people not saying much)

Swanny Wrote:....a coloured fishing pole for mining etc....

I want a colored fishing pole for mining Cry

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yay my coloured mining pole caught something already!!! what do you drop?

so anything from a GM on this? Or maybe post in suggestions? I'll try there.

Swanny Wrote:so anything from a GM on this? Or maybe post in suggestions? I'll try there.

They are on the website Wink thats how they are now, until the staff decide to change them Smile

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