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[Razor] Provocation

This train provocation and musicianship.

Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|your music succeeds

You have to chance your absolute targets, and instrument, you can do that by rightclicking it ingame.

[Image: INXSig.jpg]

I am confused, it says razor in the title but that script doesn't seem like razor at all ?

Jarhead Wrote:I am confused, it says razor in the title but that script doesn't seem like razor at all ?

Razor macros are saved as a .macro file. What you see in razor you can see as a translation of those macro files.

Open up notepad, paste those lines in there and save the file as a .macro rather than a .txt. Then move it to your Razor\Macros folder.

I had no idea, thanks a lot, this information is very helpful Wink
I got a problem tho, I change the file type and move to the macro folder in razor, but when I login razor doesn't show the new macro.
Never mind I worked it out, i have two separate folders with two razors I use one razor in a different shard and another on this shard.
I thought that by changing the directory and all that I would separate the two folders but it seems I have to copy the new macro to the other razor.

how does this work exactly? do i have to get 2 animals to attack each other first to keep the macro running??

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