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(Razor) Sparring Macro (With other player)

This Macro helps you spar.

The macro auto attacks the last person and last combatant just incase one doesn't work for any reason. It also selects certain weapons when an item breaks/ is destroyed/removed from hands. This works for both the left and the right hand. It also heals you after a certain period of time.

The code has been updated to include a bloody bandage wash macro aswell.

MAKE SURE, you re-target any item you are going to use for training. It would be bad if you want to train with maces and you have daggers on the macro.

To change targets in the macro, right click the double click command for each item, and select the new item from your backpack. This will equip that item when/if an item from that particular hand breaks/is destroyed/ is removed.

ALWAYS, make sure the target is converted by type and not location. It will resemble this: Double Click (Butcher Knife (13F6))

Your code should be similar to this when you are finished

Exec:Attack Last Target
If (R-Hand Empty)
Double Click (Butcher Knife (13F6))
End If
If (L-Hand Empty)
Double Click (Kite Shield (1B74))
End If
If Hits <= 77
Double Click (Clean Bandage%s% (0E21))
Wait for Target
Exec:Target Self
Pause 3.00sec

Hit play, go into war mode, attack your friend, and you can go to sleep knowing you will both have blood dripping into the underground water supply.

Have fun and thanks for reading my turtorial.


Happy macroing.



great script
but if you have a water pitcher you can add to the script a part of cleaning the bloody bandages if their amount is more then 1-2 . so you will not need allot of bandages Smile

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