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[Razor] Train Healing

I set up a simple healing macro, might be of some use to people. I'll explain what everything does so you can make your own next time! Wink

º One lightning scroll or preferably, an xuo fs scroll.
º As many bandages as you can get.
º 100HP, if you have less, change the first if. Will get to that a bit later.
º A razor hotkey to cancel the current target set to N for this macro. (Hotkeys->Targets->Cancel current target.)
º A razor hotkey for Restock Agent 1 set to M. You'll need to specify the amount of bandages you'll take from your bank each time you're low on bandies. (Agents->Restock 1)
º Hotkey to Target Self set to B. (Hotkeys->Targets->Target Self.)
º Razor display bar enabled with bandages on it. This to have razor count the resources in your backpack, in this case, aids. (Razor->Display/Counters->Show this in the UO title bar.)
(Add or enable Bandages{aids} on the left table, and enter {aids} in the right table if it's not there.)

What it does:
º Yell guards only if you're attacked. Less spam yay!
º Wash the bloody bandages
º Only use the scroll if your hp is full. Maximum gains without the risk.
º Restock.
º And lastly.. heal.

How to use:
º Open up notepad, save it into the razor/macros directory with a name like, bandage_heal.macro

The default installation path for razor is C:\Program Files\Razor

Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|is attacking you!
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|0|23|3|NLD|5|48|2|0|113|113|Bank Guards Buy
Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|bloody bandages
Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Restock Agent-1

The lines explained.

  1. An if. In this case it checks whether the HP is full or not. My STR is 100 so I have 100hp, if you have less, change it to your max HP #.
  2. Uses the XUO scroll.
  3. Waits for target. Self explanatory. It waits.
  4. Cancels the current target. My hotkey for it is set the N because razor does not detect pressing ESC in game. Be sure you have a cancel target macro, else you'll end up fsing yourself.
  5. Pauses for a full second, just to make sure the cancel comes through incase of lag or a worldsave.
  6. End if. Ends the actions needed to be taken when the requirements for an if are met.
  7. Another if. This time it checks your journal for the text "is attacking you!"
  8. Says guards.
  9. End if.
  10. Uses a bandage
  11. Waits for target.
  12. Targets self.
  13. Pauses for 4 full seconds. If this was removed the macro would try to bandage itself every ,3 seconds. You'll never get healed.
  14. Another if. Checks whether the bandaging was succesful and therefor placing a bloody bandage in your backpack.
  15. Uses the bloody bandage.
  16. Waits for target.
  17. Targets the fountain located under the Britain bank to wash them.
  18. End if.
  19. An if for checking bandage count. It's set to 5, I ping 20 though.
  20. Pauses a full second.
  21. Opens your bank.
  22. Pauses ,5sec.
  23. Presses the M key, set to execute the Restock 1 agent.
  24. Waits for a target to appear. Again.
  25. Targets yourself to have the restock agent use the bankbox to restock.
  26. Pauses ,5sec.
  27. End if.

What are ifs? Ifs are, simply put, a requirement that have to be met before the actions between the tags are played. It's a good way to make sure that things only happen when you want them to happen.

Made it a bit more userfriendly and added a restock when you're low on bandages. You can run this thing 100% AFK now, just hope the server doesn't go down 10 minutes after you went to bed.

Changed macro a bit, it's now quicker to set up.

Nice! Have Stickied this one!

Saintful Sinner, The Ministry

Just another quick note. You could also add an "If" query that washes bloody bandies if they are training near a trough or the like. I have one in my macro as i train near a fountain.

Just an idea.

Saintful Sinner, The Ministry

Elcid Wrote:Nice! Have Stickied this one!

lol Cheers. Will add more if I can think of something useful. Perhaps magery.. Don't have the resources to macro that yet though. 100% Fresh to IN:X so no .importcharacter for me.

Elcid Wrote:Just another quick note. You could also add an "If" query that washes bloody bandies if they are training near a trough or the like. I have one in my macro as i train near a fountain.

Just an idea.

If they're near a different source of water they can right click, retarget. No need for more lines for razor to go through IMO. Even if miniscule, the amount of lines do slow down the total speed of the macro. Queuing is something I like to avoid in macros. This macro will work in any situation honestly, in a house with a trough or near the fountain at Britain bank. You'd just need to retarget both the water source and the restock container if you plan on macroing somewhere else.

I'm satisfied with this macro, eventhough the banker seems to wander off a bit too much which causes the restocking to not work.

Wheres the mistake? I always die after about an hour of macroing.

Born 2B different.

It's impossible to die with this macro. It only uses the scroll when you're at full HP.

If you're dying.. find a different spot to macro at.

love your avatar

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- regards, Fable

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