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Leave The PvP How it IS!

man i dont want dis to b a flame post of w/e but fuk , why should we change the fukin pvp thats all xuo has , most of the shard is based on in , the only thing we have in pvp and u guys want to change it , dats fukin stupid leave the pvp how it is

if anything is changed from pvp all xuo ppl will most licky b pissed and there was no point in mergin the shard , all ppl from xuo shuda of just played in then cuz if u change the pvp thats wut we wud b playin

thats just not fair to change the only ltl thing we have

nice topic name lol, reminded me of [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]this[/COLOR]

Honestly thats not a good way to approach a problem.
And honestly i don't think PVP will be changed.

[Image: untitled1copyyb3.png]

It would suck monkey balls if they did that EB thing to unarmored.

If you take a second and look at it the EB thing would be kinda balancing. Everyone would need to wear armor then, and people would start buying more armor and ingots - increasing the economy. Also since everyone has to wear armor, or die easily, everyone would start wearing armor. Also equates to more loot. I mean its not like armor is expensive...people sell shadow ingotrs for liek 3.5gp 350gp for a set. I bought a suit of silver for 2k yesterday, I think it would be a good thing to do.

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I'm used to the EB thing, Its not that big of a deal. Slap on a plate or shadow set and you will be alright.

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Nemo Wrote:I'm used to the EB thing, Its not that big of a deal. Slap on a plate or shadow set and you will be alright.

Can someone explain what EB means?
I guess it's unequipment before casting a spell or something.. And if that's the thing you guys are looking at and there will be a change in it.. Y'all know what will happen! In and Xuo will split, nah maybe not! Just all Xuo players leave (i'm sorry for my negative point, but PvP is to important for us)
But i'm sure Maka, n0x and Ztoke will know how to handle our side of the shard!

SombraX Wrote:It would suck monkey balls if they did that EB thing to unarmored.

why do you care? because you cant fight naked anymore???

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No no, EB means Energy Bolt, some players ( dosen't necessarily mean IN players) Think that Energy bolt should be Armor based. meaning if you are nude Energy Bolt does more damage.
Seems logically.
I'm indifferent tho.

[Image: untitled1copyyb3.png]

Same with explosion. Although it is even more logical that an explosion would be more armor based than some type of bolt of energy, heh.

Wassent the explode spells AR bassed on sphere.
Would be nice with some armor bassed spells. Since then ppl would actualy have to wear some kind of armor in order to be any good in a PvP situation, hence more loot and actualy something to fight for.

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I say do it make EB or what ever, make armor play a role... I remeber on XUO you didnt really need to wear armor just run in a red CIty and kill people all you would loose is regs & scroll witch was all you need to pvp but put armor involvle and its more of a challange to keep that armor. I'm all for it

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