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Demonic Treasures

[center:3a5yhjbj][Image: demonchest.png][/center:3a5yhjbj]

Find a Chest
Destroy the Guardian
Take the loots and
Get to partyin'

These guys can be found in several places where you'd normally find daemons.
There are also 4 camps of them in various graveyards.

16 of 16 Treasures Remain

I took the 4 graveyard spawns. I haven't played in a long time, so I don't remember where daemons typically spawn.

only daemon or barlon etc too?


Eru gives too many clues Tongue

I do, but only on forums after a reasonable interval. If you want good quest info, sign up on the forums and check back.

Gatin Wrote:only daemon or barlon etc too?
I basically did xmlfind to find daemons in the world and dropped one of my spawners there. So, if its just a balron with no daemons around, there wouldn't be a chest there.

6/16 Remaining.

All six are in dungeons.

6 Remaining still.

4 are in hythloth.
1 is in Wrong
1 is in Destard

3 Remaining.

2 are in Destard 1st Level (the part with buildings)
1 is in Wrong and is probably the hardest and most dangerous to get to.

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