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The best page in the universe.

I don't know whether I should ask for his hand in marriage because compared to him all men are really chicks or say amen and begin my worship of him as some sort of deity. How can I not feel that way when he is clearly the manliest man ever to be a man.

Some of my favorite pages of his.

Show love to your children, til it hurts (them)

Why only 3 things should ever be described as epic

A sarcastic look at a photo-bloggers life

How to kill yourself, like a man!

If someone was actually honest with children about their art

And finally, his glorious book that has taught the lesson that our generation so desperately needed. Simply by reading it reading it, women grew a pair and and men gained 4 pounds of hair and 6 inches where it counts. This short book can instantly change your life forever. Within these pages, all mysteries of the universe are solved.. due you dare read it? Well if you a man you will. The Alphabet of Manliness

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