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FORGOTTEN WORLD the last .51a shard

Have spent a good amount of time looking for a shard that resembled that of  the old days, the golden era of ultima  .51a sphere…where it all began. Forgotten world us a true .51a shard with lots of custom crafted items. Average 130 ppl on at all times. Peak 300+ Yes its a russian ran shard, i had my reservations aswell however after giving it a try I absolutely love it. Lots of english speaking players. Come join on the last oldschool .51a around. If you need help installing it and getting logged in  hit me on discord, smp mang is my handle. Message on here if need be.  Hope to see some oldschoolers come aboard.  No BS skill cap either. is the website, use translator  to read in english.

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FORGOTTEN WORLD the last .51a shard - by Mr.Columbus - 04-26-2023, 05:40 AM

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