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[Razor] PvP Skill Macros


I prefer Alzheimer than Parkinson. Better forget to pay the beer than pour it all.

The Love Tent, all you need in PvP Suplys for a good Price! And some other things Big Grin!
[Image: Love_Tent_Map.jpg]

In Front Minoc MINES! In the TENT!

Accepting Carpentry orders!

maybe 20k+ not sure

Thanks smoke for explaining how to make & save a macro in a .txt file!

Twister you're better off hunting to gm archery instead of shooting an animal and healing it since you have to use soooo many arrows and may as well make some money while you do it. Plus hunting is more fun then macroing Wink

-Made a small change to the combats macro, it now only washes bandages if you have less then 5 clean ones instead of after every time you heal. I didn't test the macro with the change so you might want to watch it for a few minutes to make sure I didn't break it but it should be ok.
-Added a .zip file containing all these macros saved as .macro files so you shouldn't have to make new text documents, copy the macros in etc. Just open the .zip file and copy the macros inside to your Razor\Macros folder.

Very nice! I used your all in one combat macros to... GM some combat skills duhhh ;D
You're very good with macros, good work =]

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