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Releasing scripts - Taran - 04-11-2013


It's been a while and I hope everyone is doing well. I know I have Smile
I don't regret shutting this server down but I must admit I do miss it from time to time. It would be nice if IN could live on in some way, which is why I have decided to release all scripts and source code.
Now anyone will be able to run this server with the exact same scripts. I must however caution those that decide to make a public shard with these scripts. It's A LOT of work to maintain a server and you must be willing to spend a lot of free time doing boring admin stuff. It would also help a lot if you know C# since RunUO is built on that. There might still be bugs and glitches that need fixing.
Plus, setting the server up for the first time with a web server, SQL databases and whatnot will be a pain if you don't know what you are doing.

I'm not going to offer any official support for this release. If you have questions you can post them here though. I might answer, I might not. There are others that might be able to help you as well though.

With that said, if you do get it up and running and have a lot of free time to spare, I wish you good luck and I'm glad that Imagine Nation will live on in some way. I was never any good with speeches so I'll just leave it at that Smile

Imagine Nation source files:

Releasing scripts - Rackull - 04-11-2013

Now this one is a bold move... and I'm the bald one!..

I'm trying to resist the temptation... dammit! downloaded it!.. I will not have the time available!! So don't ask!! I'll keep it as a souvernir Smile

And to login from time to time... Where on earth is my Xanax!!?!..

Releasing scripts - Taran - 04-11-2013

Hehe well I haven't uploaded the world save. This release is for people who want to build up their own "Imagine Nation" server Smile

Releasing scripts - Rackull - 04-11-2013

Taran Wrote:Hehe well I haven't uploaded the world save. This release is for people who want to build up their own "Imagine Nation" server Smile

You should! :twisted:

Releasing scripts - Taran - 04-11-2013

I thought about it, but personally I think there's too much sensitive information in the account file. IP's, usernames etc. And even though the passwords are encrypted I don't want to release them to the public.

Releasing scripts - Rackull - 04-11-2013

It's only fair! Smile

Releasing scripts - Artur - 04-11-2013

Wow nice Taran! Thanks Smile

Releasing scripts - Doc - 04-12-2013

Can u release save without accountts etc, only spawned world?

Releasing scripts - Taran - 04-13-2013

I don't think it's that easy, but I'll try.

Releasing scripts - Doc - 04-13-2013

Taran Wrote:I don't think it's that easy, but I'll try.


Releasing scripts - Eru - 04-13-2013

Dunno how to do it offline, but I think there's a way to purge all accounts & wipe all the houses/player-owned items from the world. I think if you just delete all playermobiles and remove all the houses, you'd end up with a blank world if you let the server run long enough for all the items that were in the houses to decay.

Wouldn't want to just wipe all non-static items since that'd break spawning and all the events and stuff that are up.

Releasing scripts - julito maraña chusco - 04-13-2013

who reopen IN:X ?