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Anyone know C#? - Dippy - 07-19-2012

Anyone here fluent in C#?

Anyone know C#? - Cana - 07-19-2012

I'm curious, why are you asking this here?

Anyone know C#? - Dippy - 07-19-2012

Part of the community?

Anyone know C#? - Gang - 07-19-2012

Freelance is a better website if you're looking for a progammer, or if it's UO dev then Runuo forums...

There are few coders in our community as well, but I doubt they seek for extra volunteer work;p
Most of people here already moved on from "lets create UO shard" period in their lives... Damn, our community is aging... It's been fun while it lasted though xd

Anyone know C#? - Be|gar - 07-20-2012

hay guyz let's mak a UO shard!!!!

Anyone know C#? - Cana - 07-20-2012

Dippy Wrote:Part of the community?

Don't get me wrong, I didn't question your right to ask it here. I was just wondering why not use sites that gang suggested if you are looking for a dev? If you are student of the art yourself, there are better sites for questions concerning the language too. I guess the question is, what do you need a C# dev for?

Anyone know C#? - Nasir - 07-21-2012

I'm extremely fluent in the whole .NET Stack. C# in particular.

If it's to make a shard... honestly: I wouldn't do it. It's a lot of work for little reward.