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*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - tranith - 05-01-2012

Maybe im being shit on here, not sure whats going on

but theres a Build right across from Market Mall stair Entrance..

and in the first room closest to the entrance is a lil room with Rune books for dungeons and towns ect..

well now every time i try to Walk through that room door, i get teleported to the Corner of the room like in the wall..
and it Says " You may not enter"
what the **** is this static about now...

makes no sense to me..

I was just using it, earlier to mark some locations using the rune books marking locations for provisioner shops for lock picks.. lol

anyways maybe theres a reason or maybe im just retarded. but why would it teleport me into the wall.
sure i can move out of the wall, but wtf? stupid location. lol

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - tranith - 05-01-2012

Hilarious. must be bug season.

AFter walking through the door, again attempting to get into the rune book room, i was teleported into the wall once again..

so i tabbed out and surfed the forums for a bit.
come back and im ****ing dead
by Dayana..

Him he she it, whatever can even back me up on this as him he she it said in public chat i was in the ROOM...

No i wasn't in the un guarded room i was in the ****ing wall...
where i was teleported for trying to go into the room.

kind of a piss off.. makes no sense to me..

has this happened to anyone? you cant enter the room?

im not mad that i got PKED.. because eh, fair is fair, its an UNGUARDED room..

but first i wasn't in the room, and mainly i keep getting teleported into the wall of this room when walking through the entrance..
ok ill stop i think my point is clear. hopefully..

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - tranith - 05-01-2012

ok i dont care that i died in this location, and this post has nothing to do with the young nightmare post that i just made like 20 minutes before or whatever.

Why on earth can i not enter this rune book room? and well secondly, why on earth, do i get teleported to the Wall? where i can still be attacked ? lol.. im confused.. as im sure anyone else would be, untill someone can explain or resolve this somehow? lol



*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Crash - 05-01-2012

well the exit seems to be a bug but i know that shadow has been having some issues with pks in his shop, so he may banned you. Not for sure just a thought.

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - tranith - 05-01-2012

Banned me for real? uhh for what? Wasn't even aware a player owned that lol...

Just perpetuating the servers Stereotype i guess.

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Echo - 05-01-2012

Crash is correct in that you have been banned from the shop.

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Eru - 05-01-2012

I understand that the world of UO can be scary and frustrating, but I assure you noone is shitting on you or harassing you in particular for no reason.

With that being said, judging from the tone of most of your posts that I've read so far, it's entirely possible that some players may be singling you our for a reason.

I checked the house's ban-list and it looks like you're on it. I dunno why though.

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Halt - 05-01-2012

Habibi Jones Wrote:[Image: baby2.gif]

this was necessary...

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - tranith - 05-01-2012

Halt you over do with your posting , trying to be funny, its over kill, and borderline annoying.
You should leave on a high note. and not carry it out untill your wanna be sense of humor is played out

Other then that, **** shadow for being a retard. lol. im sure he feels powerful now. there are alternative methods to getting access to those runes books anyways, so i guess if he wants to be a ***** about it.

How much money did he have to donate to buy that ability to buy a public building and then buy the ability to ban people lol.

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Eru - 05-01-2012

[Image: rSbyq.png]

[Image: q1IoT.jpg]

*DISMISSED* Maybe im being - Kander - 05-01-2012

[Image: 81434944.gif]

To bad you live 20 hours away Eru I would buy you a beer. You seem like a cool cat or pony.