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A yearning for change - Ayleth Payne - 04-18-2012

Sitting in the barracks Ayleth looked at her battered armour thinking to herself

"why do I do this, day in, day out. I serve a Queen who is never seen, a Princess who is never grateful and a Commander who holds no leadership qualities. It's just makes no sense..."

Ayleth sighed heavily.

"Ayleth, why are you not in uniform? The meeting is about to start."

"I just can't do it anymore Blair, it just makes no sense to me. We fight and fight and it all seems for nothing. I'm tired of this life."

"What? I don't think you're in the right state of mind my dear, maybe you should rest some and rethink what you have said before saying to anyone else." Blair grumbled

"Blair! Don't take me for a fool. I am well aware of what I am saying and I mean it. You are my best friend and my mentor, there is no one I respect more than you. I just don't understand this life anymore."

With a saddened look on her face Ayleth handed her uniform to her mentor.

"It was an honour and a blessing to have learnt from someone like yourself but I must take my leave and look for a new life.. A new begining.."

Blair just stood still as he collected Ayleth's uniform, with a slight smile he nodded his head in respect before turning and walking from the room. Ayleth slowly stood up and made her way outside, looking up at the glistening sun she smiled and exhaled deeply. It was as if a great weight had been removed from her shoulders and she headed to a local tailor to get some new clothes.

"Hello there Ma'am, the usual robe and bonnet?"

"Not today, I think I'll take one of those" she said cheerfully as she pointed out a fancy dress

"Oh my, what a lovely choice." he chirped

"Hmm, and that hat!"

Ayleth used the changing room to put on her new outfit before throwing the tailor a bag of coins and skipping out the door. Heading towards the docks she passed the local craft center, sitting outside on marble benches soaking up the sun's rays was a group of merchants who chatted away while making their goods. They looked so happy, at peace and content with their lives. There was no hostility, no anger and most of all; no bloodied corpses stinking up the place. Ayleth continued on her way whilst daydreaming on what a nice life they must lead, she thought maybe this would be a good place to start on her search for something new.

Arriving at the docks she wandered up to a local fisherman.

"Excuse me sir, I was wondering if I could hire you and your boat to take me away from this place?"

"mmmh, where would ya be lookin' ta go lass?"

"Anywhere, somewhere far away from here."

"Har, Me know just tha place ye be lookin' for, it be just a few weeks sail from these shores. The journey be dangerous but the land be worth tha trip. How that sound lass?"

"When can we leave?" she giggled

Ayleth threw the sailor a large bag of gold

"I hope this will cover your fee?"

"Meet me ere at sunrise, we set sail as the sun rises." the sailor winked

Ayelth headed to the local inn, sat down and drank a few bottles of ale before paying for a room for the night to rest her head.

She woke before the sun had risen and headed for the dock, excited for a new start and the idea of something totally different brought a smile to her face. Meeting up with the sailor she boarded the boat and the two set sail, the voyage was long and rough but thoughts of learning how to use her hands to make things kept Ayleth's mind at ease and passed the time away quickly. Before she knew it, they had arrived in the new lands and she bid farewell to the sailor and headed to the local bank.

It took her a few days to get a feel for the place and shortly she had made friends with a couple of the locals, one of which she spent most of her time with and he taught her the art of mining. The pair spent a lot of time in various caves mining as much ore as they could carry and soon talks of learning how to turn them into saleable goods filled their banter.

"You should come check out the guild I am part of, the guys there are keen crafters and know quite a bit. There is a lot you could learn from them, how about I introduce you tonight? They may just invite you to join."

Ayelth agreed and later that night the duo headed to the guild house where she was introduced to a few of the members. They all talked about various things and Ayleth mentioned her desire to learn all the art of crafting and wished to become a merchant. After a lot of talk and laughter, the guild master looked at Ayleth and smiled

"Welcome to The Corporation, I hope you enjoy being part of our guild."

and her new life had begun....

A yearning for change - Halt - 04-18-2012

Your tale is intriguing, it is good to know the backgrounds of the folk i come across,,