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Guide Requests - Eru - 07-04-2011

Title says it all. If there's a guide you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if I can get it put up.

Guide Requests - Morwen - 07-04-2011

BS training guide and other crafting guides since they are hard to raise and it would hurt a guide to help with this matter

Quest initial location guide

Since this shard tries to imitate pre-AOS UO, that was before i even started playing UO, a guide to things that changend with AOS like item properties described by its name.

Some time I go to the inx forum to check some guides since some of the information is the same... maybe that can help some one...

That is all for now...

Guide Requests - soMa - 08-11-2011

Not really a guide needed but a fishing macro for while on a boat moving forward if standing at the front it keeps fishing ?
None of the ones ive tried to make work, because as you move forward the target changes.

Guide Requests - Morwen - 08-11-2011

I use this:


The 1st dbl click is the rod

Guide Requests - Eru - 08-11-2011

I thought I had a fishing macro that I included. Basically it would:

Fish 9 tiles, starting from -4 to +4 in whichever direction (for loop)
Say "Slow Forward"
Wait 1 second
Say "Stop"
Wait 3 seconds

I also had it where it would cut up boots into leather, hides into leather, chop fish into fish steaks, and dump them all into the hold if my weight got above 400, but that's more advanced.

I also had it set up to automatically attack and heal myself if a sea serpent attacked me, then I'd have it pause until I realized it had stopped so I could loot the serpent that I'd killed.

Guide Requests - Raziel_ - 12-18-2011

A guide to resist spells?
I noticed im not getting any skill points from walking over a fire field.. is the only way to raise it casting magic arrow on yourself?

Ahh nvm, i double checked it and its working fine ;D

Guide Requests - Eru - 12-19-2011

You may also be able to use Poison Field for now since it seems to be broken and isn't actually poisoning people. Not sure if it will give skillups or not though.

Guide Requests - Raziel_ - 12-22-2011

Eru Wrote:You may also be able to use Poison Field for now since it seems to be broken and isn't actually poisoning people. Not sure if it will give skillups or not though.

Hummm... if its not poisoning it should be really easy to gm using it, too bad i cant test now since i gmed with fire field already =x

Guide Requests - Venos - 03-07-2012

I'd love to see more quests added to the info section.

Skull of iniquity quest.
Magical sextant of control quest.
The Count.

Im sure there's many more but without clues where to find them its hard to know where to look.

Guide Requests - Eru - 03-07-2012

Not sure how the econd two work. O.o

Guide Requests - Venos - 03-07-2012

Magical sextant of control is the one from Finlor in Trinsic.
The Count is from Yew center.

Not sure if the names are correct.