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Lumber Help - imported_PedroDiLara - 09-10-2008

I'm looking for a good lumber macro, can be euox or razor (i dont use injection)

Thank you for reading!

Lumber Help - imported_Rabbi Samild - 09-10-2008

Step 1) Cut a hole in the box.

Step 2) Put your junk in the box.

Step 3) Lumberjacking sucks :/

best of luck!

Lumber Help - smoke - 09-10-2008

rabbi samild Wrote:step 1) cut a hole in the box.

Step 2) put your junk in the box.

Step 3) lumberjacking sucks :/

best of luck!


Lumber Help - imported_Ryuuku - 09-10-2008

Rabbi Samild Wrote:Step 1) Cut a hole in the box.

Step 2) Put your junk in the box.

Step 3) Lumberjacking sucks :/

best of luck!

smoke Wrote:lol

Let me up some posts skills too.....ROFL :p

Lumber Help - imported_Sindern - 09-10-2008

I think you can make a script for lumberjacking with EasyUO. I've tried looking for one but the only one I've found doesn't work on non-OSI servers. (Has to have a secure container at a house)

If you want to learn to script EasyUO though, you could make one and share it with me. ~_O

Lumber Help - imported_PedroDiLara - 09-11-2008

Did you try that AXE on

I dont have a runebook to try it Sad but i think if i set it to recall bank, it'll work.

Lumber Help - imported_Sindern - 09-11-2008

I don't remember what I used. It was like a month ago and I only messed with it for about 10 minutes. :/ It would search for a secure container, then lock up since you can't secure containers in your house. Sad

Lumber Help - imported_PedroDiLara - 09-11-2008

I'll try to set it up to fit INX... if it works i can send you

Lumber Help - imported_Fable - 09-12-2008

this is the perfect lumber macro if u ask me, i added it through attachments, lets see if it works.
this is what it does:
goes to nearest tree around u, starts lumbering, when done, it goes to next tree, and so on.. even when ur full.. a problem is it wont run to a bank or anything when ur full so i guess all u can do is fill up as much as u can, stop the macro and run to a bank or ur house and repeat the session

Lumber Help - imported_Sindern - 09-12-2008

TY. <3 I suppose I can have a macro going on razor that moves my logs into a pack horse while this script logs for me.

Lumber Help - imported_PedroDiLara - 09-13-2008

I think i can write a recall part ;D

Now that i have a lumber script, what should i craft to raise carpentry??

Lumber Help - imported_Hiroshima - 09-13-2008

Is that the macro i sent you Fable Big Grin!?