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Full Version: So whos from xuo and whos from imagine nation?
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See topic Big Grin
Been on xuo for almost 5 years i think.
If people vote in the poll on the frontpage it will be fun to see how many from XUO and IN players here.. and how many are new.
I'm from IN myself, for about 5 years I think
been staffing for xuo for almost a year
been on xuo for almost 2 years


XUO style for lifeBig Grin I'd say that I've been on XUO as long as Fallzone hasBig Grin
xuo for like eerhm yeah some time we can say haha ^^
Hi my name is Coldrake and I am an IN-a-holic. It has been over 5 years since my addicition started. :badgrin:
Yo, My name is Aeorox, I played XUO, XUO2 and Previous XUO, and I also played IN:R, but not IN1 nor IN2. Going to be awesome when IN:X is up, UO bound then!! Smile
XUO for... some years Smile

Havent been playing all the time though, I did a break for two years and came back in april last year.
Hate, been playing and staffing at XUO since the very beginning, many years ago. :]
Played every single version of XUO.

Well known aroundCool
I'm from IN! :hi:
From IN:R staff here:lol:
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