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Full Version: Skill Gain Weekend
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When officially does this skill gain start? what time in the UK
also what time on the moon ;[
must be pretty quit
This is actually pretty damn funny.
Ehi mates, anyone know the % of the boost?
Ehi the boost is active!!!...don't know the %, but my gaining is going well!!!
Y'know... This really doesn't help their argument regarding shard issues.

I guess I can kind of understand not wanting to add game masters. On the other hand, it doesn't make much sense since none of the current game masters are active. Oh wait, they're working behind the scenes, eh?

But to advertise a skill gain weekend and not followup seems a little off. If you look at the status page it seems a few people blew the dust off of UO for the weekend. It would appear as though the skill gain boost is not active. Even if it was, it would be nice to have an announcement.

Mister Pickles ftw!
I agree too.. At least let us know if it's active. It's counter productive to advertize the event but not inform anyone of the status.
Only Eru or Taran can answer that and I'm sure they will as soon as they see the thread. I'm hoping the skill gain boost is on but if it isn't I'm sure we'll compensate the players by doing it next weekend or something, I can't really make promises but if it turns out it was forgotten I'll suggest to have the next one extended by a day as well to make up for it.
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