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Full Version: We had a good run (shard closed)
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I first started playing Ultima Online about 9 years ago on Imagine Nation. I had no idea what UO was but I got hooked right away. The atmosphere was great, lots of players on, plenty of events etc. The big thrill was to find out how to play the game and how everything worked. UO had not been around for that long so not many people knew how to build a good char.

The time passed and in 2003 IN2 opened, which was completely different since it didn't run on Sphere 0.51a. I never played there, but unfortunately a lot of other players did so not that many were left on IN1. There was no scripter so I learned how to script, which wasn't very difficult when it came to Sphere. I got a counselor position and got moved up to GM after a few weeks.

Eventually IN1 had to close in 2004 because there were no players left and about a year later IN2 closed as well. Many players were unhappy to see Imagine Nation gone, mostly because they missed the good atmosphere both shards had. Actually, players wanted Imagine Nation back so badly that only a year after (2006) Imagine Nation Reborn was created. I got to staff there as well and spent countless of hours decorating dungeons and towns so it would look exactly like Imagine Nation.
IN:R was a RunUO shard which tried to emulate Sphere, but since it lacked developers (I didn't know how the C# language then) and was quite honestly a crappy Sphere clone players left quite fast.

Then we got in contact with Maka and it was decided that we should merge the two shards. We lacked the PvP and they lacked players, so in theory it sounded like a great plan. I got a Seer position and represented IN. Maka was the owner/admin and together we spent tons of time to create Imagine Nation: Xtreme. I don't think anyone that didn't staff know how much time actually got spent creating the shard, the whole core was rewritten so it would be the ultimate Sphere clone.

I think it was after the first Beta version of IN:X that Maka had to leave because he simply didn't have time to run the shard anymore. He asked me to take over as admin and after careful consideration I said yes, even though I knew that I had tons of work in front of me. But I really wanted the shard to survive and become even greater. It was around this time that I started learning C# so I could fix bugs and create new scripts myself. After a year or so I had learned how to fix most bugs myself and even create smaller scripts from scratch.

Now why am I telling you this?
Well, I want you to know how time I actually spent into both IN and IN:X, so that everyone could take part of a great world.
But I didn't do this alone, I couldn't have done this alone. I want to thank everyone that staffed for their good and hard work and all the time they spent on making the shard better for everyone. And ofcourse, I want to thank all the people that played on IN:X for their support and dedication. Without you we would have been nothing.

If you read this far you probably know what's coming next. If you didn't, well then I will type the next sentence in big letters so you start reading here.

[SIZE="4"]Imagine Nation: Xtreme is no more![/SIZE]

The shard has been going downhill for quite a while and only a few players are left. There are several reasons for this. No developers, no admin (I got fed up with UO a while back) etc. But the main problem with IN:X was always the merge. IN players and XUO players were just too different to be able to have a good time together. They wanted completely different things and basically, they couldn't agree on anything. This is also the reason why I'm closing this shard. We had some great times, but it's over now. IN:X will not open again. It's really sad because everyone, both staff and players, spent a lot of time and have really good memories from here. But we have to face the fact that UO is a really old game and it will never be as thrilling as it once was when the MMORPG genre was new.

Again, I want to thank all the staff that spent all their free time helping out players, hosting events, scripting etc. and also all the players for their support and dedication. I wish you the best of luck in the future, whatever your plans are. I will keep the general and off topic forums open for everyone so that you can come here from time to time and catch up with some old friends.

R.I.P Imagine Nation: Xtreme.
thank you for everything taran. you, maka, coldrake, shade, eru, muto, sphinx, promoe and all other staff members have been wonderful and it has been fun playing here. i wish all staff and players the best and take care.
Best wishes to all in the future.

Eighty Swords

Thanks to all the staff that worked so hard to give us a place to play, it was fun while it lasted. Smile
Thank you all for the great ride. Smile RIP IN:X
Thank you all (staff, players) for everything! Smile
Pwned. Was a fun run. So that's why you guys sold me Lord Brit's Castle last week Confusedurprised:
thanks for the fun guys! nice meeting you all!
Thanks to you all for lots of great memories. Smile Maybe we'll meet again...
Grcias all known and aver encantaros! People take good care!
It was fun while it lasted. Lots of great memories to take to the in-x grave!
Thanks everyone!
lol im happy with it
it wasnt a good job(peoples dont care about scripting new shits etc)

soo now lets script In1 again block bugs make a good Story(if u need help for story im sure there is alot people can)

now peoples ll say IN1 die stupid ass shut up to me
i know i know IN1 die
soo taran dont have mana for resurrect?

there is something u didnt discern its IMAGINE NATION soo lets imagine....
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