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Full Version: The Black Hand
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“Another round for me mate and I” Satan says to the bar keep as he slams a few coins down on the table finishing the foam of an ale, “ Thank Ye Sir here’s a coin for Ye troubles, seems these dark times are troublesome for everyone mate” . The bar keep sits another mug of ale down in front of Satan he picks it up and as he takes a swallow the Tavern door opens and bangs against the wall the cold wind blowing from outside brings in the scent of the unforgiving sea as a tall man walks through the door the tavern gets quiet except for the whispers of drunken whores.

The man looks around the tavern as if he had lost something here; he steps towards the bar and takes a seat next to Satan. [COLOR="yellow"]“What will ye be having mate?”[/COLOR] says the barkeep as the man sits down “RUM” he grumbles as he pulls his hair from his face “RUM and keep it coming ye scurvy dog “the man takes a few drinks of the rum and looks over at Satan and says “do ye think me pretty mate or would ye like to indulge in this bottle of rum mate???” And he replies as he grins “yes kind sir I will Drink with you mate although ye surely aren’t the prettiest I’ve seen in my travels!!!” “Arggg ga ga ga” he laughs as he chugs some rum. Satan wipes the rum from his lips with the sleeve of his shirt and says “it seems the sea has troubled another soul what be ye name????” the man raises his head and clears his throat “Me name??? “ “Well that would be Pratorian and what scurvy dog do I owe an Introduction??????” He said with a stern tone… Satan grins “ I be Satan and I hail from Papua I be a sailor seeking employment upon the deep blue ” he drinks from his mug then Pratorian says “I believe mighty Poseidon has graced is enough to place her together mate! I am looking for a crew to sail under me and my new ship!!!!” [/COLOR[COLOR="Red"]]“Well sir I be the one to fulfill ye quest for a First Mate I been sailing the seas for over Four score now Sir!!” Satan Proclaimed with his chest bulged out “If ye sail with me and be me first mate I will give ye 25 percent of me plunders!!” Pratorian claimed, “We have an accord sir I will sail under ye colors for as long as Poseidon sees it fit!” Satan agrees. The two men slam the mugs of rum together and shake each other’s hand. They leave the bar only to recruit the most evil and despicable men that ever sailed the seas of Britannia. They sailed for years together pillaging, raping, and killing everyone and everything on their path.

Years later after the day they met 20 years to the exact day, the seas had finally had enough of Pratorian and Satan’s wrong doings as them and their crew had succumb to the scurvy, the disease that has destroyed many sailors over the years. As they both lye in the captains quarters, and all of the crew outside ready to plunge into the sea because of the madness the scurvy brings with it, knowing that they are doomed any time to be taken down to Davey Jones locker they speak to each other. “Sir it has been me honors to sail with ye this past 20 years if we only had more time I think we could make a better mends with Poseidon!” Satan says as he coughs of some scurvy slime, “I think they be not a better fist mate me friend I wish will could sail an eternity together” Pratorian claims as a loud splash and screams are herd coming from the deck. All of the sudden water starts leaking around the cabin doors more and more as time passes then BOOM in burst a Man not of human or fish like but both!!

It was mighty Poseidon King of the Seas!! He speaks in an almost evil angelic voice “You both and your crew have raided my seas long enough without any consequences and know ye both are on your death bed and are second thinking all the bad things you have done!!! Well now it’s time for you to repay your sins and sail for me King of the Seas!!!!!” [/COLOR[COLOR="Navy"]]“But we be cursed with the plague O King of The Seas we not be able to sail for ye anymore we have not much time left!” Cpt. Pratorian Claims as he coughs up more slimy filth, “I will make an offer to you, you sail my seas and rid it of any evil what so be it: Monsters, Sea Creatures, and evil men and I will grant ye Eternal Life!!! SO will yes sail under me bearing my colors and rid my seas of the evil that dwells it?” Poseidon Claims, “Please Captain take his offer we could live forever I wish not to die on this gloomy day sir” Satan says, “Aye! Your right Mr. Satan, You have an accord oh King of The Seas we will sail for ye for the rest of eternity!!!” Pratorian agrees, Poseidon Chuckles “Ha It’s a done deal you will sail for me bearing the Black Hand so all those that dare rape pillage and plunder will know what comes of it!!!” Poseidon raises his trident in the air and casts a spell on the crew.

They wake up on a ship bearing a sail with a Black Hand on it! “Argh are we dead sir?” Satan says as he still is coughing up filth, him the captain and the crew skin looks as if they had been dead for a while lifeless and grey with the likeness of scurvy eating at their flesh and all of their eyes glowing red as if fire itself was in their eyes, “Aye I don’t know Mr. Satan we still be cursed with the scurvy we were supposed to live forever that was the deal!” Pratorian proclaims. “Ye did agree to live forever but ye never said anything about not having the scurvy hahaha that be ye curse for all your sins” Poseidon says as he comes out of the sea “But King of the Seas we must sail this way for all eternity?” Satan says, “Ye will sail for me with the scurvy as long as I sees fit!!!!!” Poseidon raises his trident as he disappears into the ocean. The cursed sailors start their voyage to raid the seas but not for plunder or booty but of evil to make it an s safe place for all! But before they can conquer the seas Captain Pratorian and his crew must the likes of land lovers and dry land as they set sail for the lands of Britannia.

“Well Mr. Satan we where should we sail on our first journey to free the land lovers of evil doers, I don’t want to be cursed with this scurvy for all of eternity so we best be pleasing Poseidon so he will free us of this cursed scurvy.” Captain Pratorian says, as he tells the cursed crew to man the deck and get ready to set sail! ”We should head to Serpents Hold I know some nasty Vampires who never seem to get their fill of human blood mate!” Satan says. “Aye Mate!, we shall set sail to Serpents Hold to cleanse it of evil doers, set sail ye scurvy dogs north to Serpents Hold, God Speed!”

Im requesting tattered pirate clothes and greyish like skin color, ill justify in game thanks!!!!