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Full Version: Halloween Time!
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Alright well I know it isn't Halloween just yet but I thought we could get ready for it now. I will give everyone a chance to prepare for the holiday with this quest by leaving it active for 3 weeks. On top of that, it will be repeatable every 8 hours. So if you like to collect unique little items, now is your chance!

The new quest I have added can be started on the Isle of Avatar and once completed you will be rewarded with a neat little Halloween decoration and maybe even a trick or treat as well!
How does it work?
Do I need to call you? Is it static(just come and do)?
There is a building you need to find on that island. Be sure to greet the owner.
Where I need capture essences? in the sea or in the isle?
Sail west of the starting location. It may take a bit of searching to find but it isn't too difficult.
I carry all day looking for the ghost ship with no results and you say qe is not difficult?
Well I know 4 players have already completed the quest with no more hints then what I have provided here. It may take a little while to find the second part but that doesn't make it difficult, just a tad bit time consuming.
I would like to know your name, just out of curiosity ...
I need to do detecting hiden? or reveal? or the ghost ship is in sight?. I've been to the west from the starting point many times since this morning, but well, I will continue to seek
beret Wrote:I would like to know your name, just out of curiosity ...

lol why do you want to know my name?

In any case once you see what you are looking for you will wonder how you missed it. Keep in mind, west does not specifically mean directly west from the exact tile the quest starts on.
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