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    Guys, do you have dogs at home? What breeds make a good house pet?
    Please help me decide on this one.

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    Just an update, we brought home our new dog (Golden Retriever). I think he makes a good house pet because he loves playing with the kids. Nowadays, dog treats are popular as a reward for your pets. This is because of the many benefits they can provide. Dogs love to eat and chew, so I was searching for a better option of treats for my new dog and saw these dog treats online that varies in sizes, textures and purposes. There are the dog treats that are hard while some are chewy, others are rutted to purposely clean dog’s teeth and some are created to aid in digestion. These kind of treats provide chew treats, dog training treats, dental treats, rawhide treats, healthy treats with all natural ingredients. What are your thoughts about this product?
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