OK, so people seem to be wanting events, so I'm looking for people willing to host events.

The position is basically a counselor position, only we give you a bunch of switches for controlling the various events. (I'm still in the process of building these switches.)

The sole purpose would be to host events and answer pages if you feel like it.

The good:
You can host events and help give players something to do.
If you do really good, people will probably like you.

The not so good:
These are pretty much event-hosting positions only and we aren't planning on recruiting many more GMs at the moment unless you're simply amazing.
People will say lots of bad things about you on the forums eventually.
We're going to try to keep an active group of people hosting, so we may cycle out inactives for new actives.

PM me information about why you're interested and we'll do stuff like look into your history or whisper to ourselves about you before making a decision.

I guess I should add a form or something to fill out.

In-Game Name:
Experience with UO in general:
Experience with staffing on UO shards:
How long have you played on Imagine Nation:
Why do you play on Imagine Nation:
When are you able to play:
What languages do you speak:
Any ideas or thoughts about the position:
Which pony is best pony?

Feel free to fill out all of those, some of them, or add new ones. I dunno man, I'm not a questionnaire writer.

Good luck.

(No ETA on hiring dates yet. I still need to streamline events to work with switches and stuff)