I'm working on converting Jhelom into an RP-Friendly area with lots of quests and decorations with a buddy of mine. My problem is I suck at coming up with quest ideas. If anyone has any ideas for storylines, etc, post 'em and I may use the idea.

Ideally, it should have a script, objectives, and a sort of logic for how the quest should play out.

As an example, I added one to a farmer in north Jhelom that goes like this:

Walk into the place, the farmer is muttering to their self about something.
You say "what" or another key word and they talk about their chickens being missing.
You continue to interrogate them with "where" or "help" and they give you a gump asking you to save their chicken from a goblin.
Then, you kill the goblin that's chasing the chicken around in their barn and you get one of the chicken's eggs and a bit of gold.

Henrietta's Prize Eggs (hue 1172) (eggs)
Gold (50-150)
Repeat time: 10 minutes

Very simple and just there for giggles. I'd love to get some nice quest chains going though.