The moment is finally here. The PvP testing area is now ready. The testing area is set up in Luna, it is supplied with event gear and is open to everybody. There are a number of rules and points to bear in mind, these are written in the pink book next to the entrance, please read the book before you start playing around, it will help you avoid problems and/or jail

All feedback is appreciated, I also expect any bugs that are discovered to be reported. Please keep all such replies in this thread, except for bug reports which you may PM to me. Do not PM me general feedback, I don't want to get 100 PMs, it will make my head hurt. Please bear in mind there is a known bug with the mana intakes of some of the spells, this is due to the fact that these PvP rules are being forced by a region and are not applied globally, so please do not report bugs with spell mana intakes. Anything else is much appreciated though.

Bear in mind I respond best to feedback which is logical, well reasons and impartial. I do not respond well to feedback which is whining, self-interested or illogical/unjustified. I also not respond well to hysteria, overstatement or scaremongering. So, if you want your feedback to be taken seriously, bear these things in mind!

Now a list of the changes being tested for you to scrutinise and experiment with in the test area:

- Poison can now only be applied to/from 1H bladed weapons. The 1H bladed weapons on the supplier come pre-poisoned with 50 charges.

- Poison now mitigates healing done by Heal and Greater Heal somewhat.

- Greater Heal and Heal both have a significantly higher base heal amount. Furthermore, Greater Heal scrolls intake slightly less mana. Heal scrolls now takes the full cast time and 4 mana so are no better than the book spell.

- Lightning spell from book now casts the same as a scroll.

- Harm spell (both from book and scroll) casts in similar fashion to the old book-spell version of Lightning.

- Mind Blast (both book and scroll) do a lot more damage, cast slower, intakes more mana and also does additional damage and mana drain vs. certain stats (but this is a small factor).

- Mana regeneration now works passively.

- Mana potions only give about 75% of their previous values, but the potion delays are the same.

- Potion delays are lowered for Cure, Refresh and Heal potions.

- Flame Strike does more damage, including bonus on low AR. The scrolls also do the same but the mana intake has been increased.

- Mana Drain now works in PvP, it can only be applied once per 12s and trying to apply it more will do nothing and waste your mana. After 12s the effect dissipates and must be reapplied.

- Explosion now has a much higher base damage but damage decays more rapidly with increasing AR.

- Fireball now does significant additional damage on low AR. The scroll matches the spell in all respects. You will be able to test this by removing armour in the test area if you wish.

- High dexterity now improves the success chance, minimum heal and maximum heal of bandages.

- High dexterity (above 100) now increases weapon swing rate.
Other changes which were applied at the last patch and are in fact global already (but which I'm mentioning to avoid confusion):
- Fixed and reduced the duration of Wall of Stone and Paralyze.

- Fixed and reduced stamina drain on macing weapons.
Things which are not on the live server but will probably be included in global changes if these changes are accepted:
- Increased damage (particularly minimum damage rather than maximum) for Axe and Spear weapons.

- Reduced material requirements for Mana potions.

- Recall scrolls will cast a little slower.

- Some high power 1H bladed custom weapons will also not be poisonable.

- Changes to some PvM (summoning) spells or scrolls to account for the mana regeneration rates.
Things which are on my radar but will not be fixed in this patch:
- Archery changes.

- Weapon hits/hit limiters and other things of that nature.
Additional information can be found in the old thread:

However, if information in each thread is contradictory then this thread is the one with the more up-to-date information.

So, in closing. The testing area is ready and will be opened shortly, it can be accessed by a pink moongate inside the Casino. If you cannot find it it means the gate is closed for now, it will be on the highest level near the models. I have not decided how long I will leave the gate open, I would like to get as much testing as possible done during this week though, preferably without sabotaging the rest of the server PvP and so on though. However, I should hope most PvPers would be interested in seeing what may be coming. Also, for those who are less inclined to PvP, take the chance to get some free practice and see what you think.