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  1. Imagine Nation shard is no more
  2. Give the shard to the players
  3. Moving to a New Shard
  4. it doesn't have to be over!
  5. Roll Call For Moving To Rel Por
  6. New forum sections
  7. UO Diamond ! New Server Opened August 3 !
  8. UODiamond
  9. *farts*
  10. Old novus opiate!! Is born again forever!
  11. How are you jackasses doing?
  12. Greatest UO shard. Has returned.
  13. Word of Dread
  14. Old School UO Shard (0.56 Sphere)
  15. Old school server ultima online
  16. Ulmaria
  17. Sad news about our friend Zordar. RIP :(
  18. Looks Like I Missed The Party!
  19. New guy in the forums!
  20. This is like still a thing?
  21. This was real fun
  22. Why dont you guys bring it back?
  23. Coldfireuo.net
  24. The Best Ultima Online Shard Antares
  25. IN1 Replica? Best shard out right now.
  26. The Nation UO shard. IN clogne in beta accepting testers.
  27. any server good?
  28. Looking For XUO / IN Clone
  29. Should IN reopen
  30. holy shit richard garriot is making a new ultimaesque gameO.o
  31. UO: Forever
  32. Ultima Online Renaissance
  33. Releasing scripts
  34. Players
  35. Elcid's server
  36. My Server
  37. Uo Client
  38. Whats wrong here?
  39. Mul fixes and SQL databases
  40. IN-UO Will be Back!!!
  41. We Are Live!!!
  42. This is fun
  43. http://inr-uo.pt.vc/
  44. Remove trap "skillup" location? Where was it at?
  45. Remember Rel Por?
  46. Inx open
  47. Website and forums are back
  48. Good to see interest in UO is sharply going up.
  49. New META server incoming
  50. Hayo! I've fallen off the wagon. (Server is up!)
  51. Props for the IN-X forum archive.
  52. Albion Online
  53. RunUO has stopped development
  54. Picking up the torch... The next Imagine Nation launches this weekend! Cataclysm UO.
  55. We are live! Cataclysm UO has officialy launched!
  56. cataclysmuo
  57. Cataclysmuo CUO 2015
  58. UOFUSION OPENING (old style)
  59. Hello!!!
  60. Oh, it's True... Coming Soon!
  61. Cataclysmuo server
  62. UO Wars
  63. New upgrades coming to cataclysm!!
  64. Thinking on hosting Imagine nation ( european version).
  65. New Shard ! ! ! !
  66. New Here from New Jesey!
  67. Cataclysm Shard still going strong in the spirit of Imagine Nation!
  68. Anyone have a copy of the Source Files for IN?
  69. Expansion III Launches at Cataclsym Shard brings new features and more IN1...