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  1. *RESOLVED* Anti Macro Gump
  2. *RESOLVED* .vote command doesn't give reward
  3. *RESOLVED* MPC Bard teach command
  4. *RESOLVED* Poisoning
  5. *RESOLVED* Donate button broken
  6. *RESOLVED* I need a GM Help !!!
  7. Bug Reporters and Exploiters
  8. *DISMISSED* Grouping gives fame/karma
  9. *RESOLVED* Daggers.
  10. *RESOLVED* Auto attacking while casting
  11. *RESOLVED* Server Busy
  12. Spell book (gm magery)
  13. *RESOLVED* GM Bowcraft
  14. *RESOLVED* Dagger bug.
  15. *RESOLVED* Moving Items too Fast=Crash
  16. *DISMISSED* Quests
  17. *RESOLVED* Despise
  18. Bulk regs
  19. *RESOLVED* Commodity deeds
  20. *DISMISSED* Master of the Sea Quest
  21. *RESOLVED* Calvary shields not working
  22. *RESOLVED* Scrolls don't stack on the ground (overweight)
  23. *RESOLVED* Treasure map for Trammel ??
  24. *RESOLVED* Reward Trash Barrels in Houses
  25. *RESOLVED* Delucia Forges
  26. *DISMISSED* Mining gone strange
  27. *DISMISSED* Karma system bugs
  28. *RESOLVED* Potions
  29. *DISMISSED* Dagger stack [minor]
  30. *DISMISSED* Broken dye tubs
  31. *RESOLVED* Haunted sapling not working
  32. *RESOLVED* Habibi's long list of bugs
  33. *DISMISSED* Quest/Event Bug
  34. *RESOLVED* Can't open a door from the inside, gets you stuck
  35. *RESOLVED* Dragon attacks / Possibly applies to other mobs
  36. We are now using in-uo.net
  37. *RESOLVED* Horse to a person
  38. *RESOLVED* Poison Field
  39. *DISMISSED* Mana/Health Potions
  40. *RESOLVED*Locking your chest...
  41. *RESOLVED* Destard
  42. *RESOLVED* Material change needed
  43. FORUM layout issue
  44. *RESOLVED* Statics issue
  45. Moonglow Ferry Man
  46. Bulk reg scrolls are still buggy
  47. *DISMISSED* Can't escape a certain area, even while dead.
  48. *RESOLVED* Very Small, aesthetic issue
  49. *RESOLVED* Chess is Broken
  50. *DISMISSED* Unlock
  51. *DISMISSED* Spellcast and de-equipping
  52. *DISMISSED* Exceptional crafted rune books
  53. Solent nest study quest
  54. *FIXED* Deathmatch
  55. *FIXED* "You can no longer wear your Woodland Belt"
  56. Items on a ship
  57. Mercenary Camp Glitch
  58. Automated DEATH MATCH!
  59. "Blacksmithing" Section
  60. *FIXED* Mercenary Camp Portal
  61. Pets and summons do not provide kill counts.
  62. *DISMISSED* Cusing weapons
  63. Para with recall
  64. *DISMISSED* Tracking
  65. *DISMISSED* Boat key bug
  66. *FIXED* Reactive Armor Scrolls
  67. *DISMISSED* Skill Rewards
  68. *DISMISSED* Guild Doors
  69. *FIXED* Website address when paging
  70. Shoes
  71. *FIXED* Elven CLothing auto removing
  72. IN Patcher
  73. *FIXED* Dull Copper, spyglass and Sorcerer's Delight.
  74. *FIXED* Dread Wolves Quest - Possible Bug?
  75. *RESOLVED* Reds and the stuck menu
  76. Chalk full of suprises...
  77. *DISMISSED* Hacker
  78. *DISMISSED* guild doors
  79. Door issues
  80. Afk Miner?
  81. *DISMISSED* Fire Flame Field... in guarded towns...
  82. *DISMISSED* NPC Vendor Daedalus seems to be broken
  83. *RESOLVED* Unnamed Region
  84. *RESOLVED* Buying Shoes
  85. *DISMISSED* ress robe cut automatically cut hairs
  86. Smaller screen after updating.
  87. *DISMISSED* Anti-Autocut script error?!
  88. I just double clicked the house placement tool and it placed a house
  89. CTF Healing Bug
  90. *DISMISSED* slotmachines is it a bug?
  91. *FIXED* My dye tub just randomly reset
  92. dungeons spawn times
  93. This autoloot BS.....is BS.
  94. *FIXED* Bounty Menu not closable
  95. Failed recalls out of rune book.
  96. Unequipping Certain Items Shows False Stacks
  97. raise and decrease skill arrows bug
  98. Maybe im alone on this one....
  99. *DISMISSED* Maybe im being
  100. golden apple bug
  101. *FIXED* mind blast broken
  102. hiding vs detect hidden
  103. nickels hood
  104. King Frizkin
  105. Young players getting stuck in the casino
  106. Wrong Event bugged
  107. Casting EV's through walls/doors
  108. Many Quest dont work
  109. [Fix't] Patch bug might affect Player Income